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Social work practice with small system - Case Study Example

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Khailia Richards is a poor African America who must have taken up drug Crack addiction out of frustration. The circumstances under which she forgets…
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Social work practice with small system
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Download file to see previous pages Critical analysis of the two parties to the dispute gives Khailia Richards advantage on the case. In line with the ethical principles of social workers, Social Justice must take precedence in resolving this case. Khaila is the biological mother of Isaiah and became a victim of the circumstance from existing socio-economic gap which landed her in crack addiction. It is therefore important to give fair judgment in favor of her without the possibility of social discrimination based on her race, poverty, class, ethnicity among others. In that regard, my client is Khailia Richards. This is due to her vulnerability to unfair judgment based on socio-economic discrimination (Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington, 2009). Multicultural assessment may be carried out through oral interview with individual family members of the parties to this dispute. The obtained data would be taken for analysis to establish the existing differences in the two system patterns.
Sound intervention plan would require application of strength perspective versus pathological viewpoint. It is evident that despite crack addiction and abandonment of the baby, Khailia Richards made efforts to come back and find him out. This is the point that her strength of parental feeling and emotional attachment with Isaiah can be built on to draw plans for her in recovering over the incidence. This aspect of emphasizing on strength rather than focusing on problem constitutes strength perspective which very relevant to the case under question. On the other hand, pathological perspective asses the genetic or racial connection with criminal activities. Since Khailia is an African America with significant predisposition to criminal activities, it is important to put in place strategic plan that will help her engage in a serious commitment.
The plan for Margaret Lewin’s family would include providing a guidance and counseling session with them on how to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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