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Social Security System - Essay Example

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According to Lord Robins, "Economics is the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses." Economics is subdivided into microeconomics (study of individual markets) and macroeconomics (study of the entire economy)…
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Social Security System
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Extract of sample "Social Security System"

Download file to see previous pages But there is more to the Social Security System than a mere pension arrangement. The economic gait is that Social Security is a mechanism whose functioning ensures the provision of revenue for disfavored members of the society such as the old, the handicapped, the ill and the unemployed, so as to enable them meet up with basic necessities. Like the Balance of Payment (BOP) and the business cycle, the Social Security System experiences many set backs but there exists a Social Security problem. The interest here is to identify this problem and propose a way of fixing it. It shall therefore be important to view the functioning of the Social Security System then identify the Social Security problem before proposing a possible solution to this problem.
In an article entitled 'Solving the Social Security Problem in America', published in his website; Russell Bailyn's Financial Planning Blog, the New York Wealth Manager, states that: 'Social Security is a federal program which provides retirement and disability income to workers through the collection of Social Security taxes. Every worker in the United States is responsible for paying these taxes during their working years and entitled to receiving benefit checks when they are eligible for retirement.' Bailyn's explanation is a perfect illustration of
how the Social Security System functions. ...
Bailyn further explains that the people who are most concerned with the system are often unaware of it. 'I'm unaware that 12.4% of my paycheck goes towards these taxes, I'm just too far from receiving benefits to worry about it. Perhaps part of that irresponsible logic stems from how the system is organized. Rather than each taxpayer's Social Securitydollars getting earmarked for their own retirement, they get paid into a common pool of money allocated by the federal government. (Bailyn, Russell. 'Solving the Social Security Problem in America').
The Social Security is an 'unjust' system as it the origin of a major problem. The problem of the Social Security lies in its impracticable nature and its tendency towards monetary difficulty. In effect, the problem lies in the fact that for any given economy, if there exists a rapidly increasing ageing population and a small working population, then the amount of money placed in the Social Security fund will not be enough to salvage the problems of both the present and future ageing populations as well as other disfavored sections of the population. In the same line, the system is not a viable one since those who are currently paying their money into the system may later not benefit from it. This is explained by the simple fact that the Social Security system is not like a private bank account where one places his income and later on retrieves it at will. On the contrary, the money one pays into the Social Security is used for the needs of others and if later on the payee is unable to also benefit from the system due to a lack of funds then the system is clearly an unworkable one. 'Perhaps part of that irresponsible logic stems from how the system is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Security System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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..., or disadvantaged. But such approaches altered during the critical period of Great Depression of the 1930's. Many Americans at this specific point of time sensed economic calamity or failure could outcome from happenings over which workers or government had no control. In 1935, Congress passed the Social Security Act. This law became the basis of the U.S. Social Security system. It provided cash benefits only to retired workers in commerce and industry. In 1939, Congress amended the act to benefit wives and dependent children of deceased workers. In 1950, the act commenced to cover numerous farm and domestic working classes, self-employed workers,...
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... as "pay-as-you-go".10 In each year since 1982, tax receipts and other income have exceeded benefit payments and other expenditures, most recently (in 2004) by more than $150 billion.11 The accumulated surpluses are invested in Treasury securities issued by the U.S government, which are deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund. At the end of 2004, the Trust Fund stood at $1.7 trillion.12 The current problem facing the U.S. government in terms of its social security system is that of demographics. The number of workers per retiree is set to decline from about 3.2 workers per retiree now to about 2 workers by 2030.13 The retirement of the high population generation will put exceptional strain on the current system, which is mainly a pay...
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Social Policy and the Social Security System an effort to provide supplemental income for those individuals who are without work. As addressed by bush in the State of the Union Address in 2005, "One of America's most important institutions - a symbol of the trust between generations- is in need of wise and effective reform. Social Security was a great moral success of the 20th Century, and we must honor its great purpose in this new century. The system, however, on its current path, is headed toward bankruptcy. And so we must join together to strengthen and save Social Security." The threat of bankruptcy that the Social Security System is...
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...budget (Office of Management and Budget). The social security program in the United States was and remains a safeguard against poverty like that seen during the Great Depression—a time in which poverty affected nearly half of all American elderly. It seems that, in the event of a current or future economic calamity, social security would provide such protection, and ensure that tragedy does not strike those Americans who cannot earn capital when the financial climate becomes inclement. A social security system is one that utilizes public funding in order to economically secure private citizens....
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... Cause & Effect of Crisis in Americas Social Security System Social Security was created by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935, and since then has acted as a focus of the country’s social bond, and has provided income to the most susceptible of citizens. It covers almost twenty percent of the federal budget and is the most popular government plan in the world. (Social Security (US) In 2005, President George W. Bush declared that a crisis was coming which will affect the American Social Security System. But it has been reported that this was probably a fake crisis, which was risen so that government officials could earn an extra bit of money. The situation facing the social security is pretty clear. It has enough income to last for about...
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 Going by the success of his 2004 re-election campaign, President Bush listed Social Security reforms as his primary domestic priority, regarding which he received ample support from many Republican stalwarts (Galston, 2007).  The whole premise behind this advocacy of a partial and systematic privatization of the Social Security Program was that this program was getting way too unwieldy and was poised to get financially unviable in the times to come (Galston, 2007). The annual report submitted by Social Security Board of Trustees in the year 2009 estimated that the program was poised to register a massive shortfall to the amount of US Dollar 15 trillion over a period of 75 years in the times to come (Social Security Admi...
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In face of this, the Anglo-American political philosophy has seen famous philosophers like John Rowels, Robert Nozick and recently Amritya Sen to focus on issues and arguments concerning the above...(political Philosophy, 2005 pp1)

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Erving Goffman was an astute observer of society, who immersed himself in the social environment which he was studying. He carefully observed and recorded the ways in which people’s behavior and interpersonal interactions are carried out in everyday life. He notes that “people perform their social roles and, as they do so, they produce social order through their actions and the regu...
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