Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work - Essay Example

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Social work is done according to many models and in many countries. Earlier social work was done according to certain principles and government policies. Nowadays more care is taken to work according to the various models that the social scientists have developed through constant research…
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Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work
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Extract of sample "Theoretical Perspectives in Social Work"

Download file to see previous pages Political and administration outlook has changed in recent years and the inclusion and necessity of social scientists is now being accepted in every European country including United Kingdom as part of the policy perspective. "Despite the British government's allergic reaction to theorising in social work training, there is a welcome emergence of theoretical literacy, in social work including European social theory, feminism, the sociology of knowledge and concepts such as risk, time, practice and expertise" Shaw (2003, p.111).
Another theory based approach that could be suitable for the present case is the System Theory. System theory is also called Eco System theory and it does not look at an individual as a single entity, but connected to institutions, environment, family and society. It tries to assess the people as part of an entire system. "Systems theory offers a way of conceptualising the relationship between people and environments and encourages a balanced approach to both domains of practice. Emphasis is on the 'goodness of fit' between the client and their environment"
According to this theory, the social workers focus on the family, community and the social, economic, and political factors that might affect the situation of the client. According to Hoffman and Sallee, 1994 (cited in Ibid)
There are many driving princi...
As the systems are forever evolving and changing, any change that has occurred in one system will have consequences in other systems. Individuals face problems because of their incompatibility with the systems to which they belong. It is the work of the social worker to enhance the compatibility, minimise the incompatibility between people and the systems. System intervention could be done according to the following steps:
1. "the notion of partnership
2. the worker facilitates change but is not an expert about the system
3. sustained change
4. non-judgemental
5. holism and recognition of social connection" (
It is difficult for social scientists to create social theories in the city life of today, because every individual is a member of many conflicting systems. The ancient days' rural life did not expose humans to so many systems, unlike today. Now the system-coping skills are required in multifaceted dimensions and some people find it extremely difficult to possess them. "In the extreme complexity of modern urban society there is need for a very large pool of variety in terms of behavioural patterns. Some of these patterns may be defined as illegitimate or deviant and yet have value for the survival of particular groups and potential value for society as a whole in the event of a major change in the environment" Forder (1976, p. 26).
Systems theory takes the social changes that are affecting individuals and social work into consideration. In fact, this consideration becomes the main basis of the work plan. The model does not take the usual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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