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Social work theories and perspectives - Essay Example

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Cory D Cobern Professional Critique of Social Work Theories and Perspectives: Psychodynamic Perspective George Mason University Professional Critique of Social Work Theories and Perspectives: Psychodynamic Perspective Introduction: Social Work involves a wide range of practices and because of its being heterogeneous in nature, theory building in this discipline has been interpreted in “different ways” (Leskosek, 2009, p.10)…
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Social work theories and perspectives
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Download file to see previous pages In the context of this theory, the problem occurs when an individual’s id comes into conflict with superego and the consequent anxiety triggers certain defence mechanisms in the individual that distort his or her “perception of reality” (p.14). Therefore, the intervention methods under this theory rely on developing techniques to “reduce anxiety,” using the strategies like enhancing self confidence, establishing sustained family and personal relationships etc (p.14). Main Tenets of the Theory Regarding the Way in which Humans Function and Change: From the perspective of this theory, the social worker acts as an “interpreter of feelings” and promotes the required insights in the client as well as provides him or her with the necessary resources (p.14). In the case of children, the social worker also assumes the role of a “protector or mediator” (p.14). ...
It mainly focuses on interventions through concepts such as “functional approach, psychosocial approach and problem-solving approach” (Hepworth et al, 2013, p.20). Most Useful Aspects for Social Work Practice: Psychodynamics theory primarily focuses on addressing conflicts on an individual level that derives from personal conflicts and resultant anxiety and distorted notions about reality. The theory is best suited for cases of individuals who are suffering from problems that are specific to their individual personality and developmental problems due to such personality deficits. Some of the aspects of this theory such as the social worker’s close rapport and personal relationship with the clients make this approach best suited for individuals who encounter problems due to their individual conflicts. Similarly, under this theory, the social workers assume the role of both protectors and mediators and, therefore, these aspects are best suited in the case of child clients as well as those with personality problems. Similarly, since this theory relies on relationships, it will be appropriate in the case of clients who have a supportive family. Besides, since this theory accords priority to human needs and is “client-oriented,” it offers the clients a sense of personal warmth and, therefore, this approach will be most suited for clients who have emotional problem of severe nature (Leskosek, 2009, p.15). Least Useful Aspects for Social Work Practice: One of the major drawbacks of this theory is that it considers only individual attributes of development or conflict causation and, therefore, can only address problems arising out of such situations. It does ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Work Theories and Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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