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A good article needs to portray the elements of reasoning. These elements include the purpose for writing that information. Purpose may be used to give the reasons why the information is given to the…
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Elements of reasoning and intellectual standards
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Elements of reasoning and intellectual standards 11/07/14 When writing a news article, it is important to make the article interesting. A good article needs to portray the elements of reasoning. These elements include the purpose for writing that information. Purpose may be used to give the reasons why the information is given to the news readers. For example, in a CNN news article titled ‘Texas governor lashes out at Obama over immigration crisis,’ the editors Tom Cohen, Ed Payne and Dana Ford purposely wrote this article to highlight the importance of the holder of the highest office in the land in relation to migration (Cohen, Payne, & Ford, 2014). The problem arising is that the president failed to visit the flood torn area in the boarder where many children got affected. The information should be from a credible source. In this article, Perry was quoted in a CNN interview saying that the American people expect to see their President when there is a disaster and that president Obama showed up in Sandy and not in Texas (Cohen, Payne, & Ford, 2014). This information is credible as it is given to the global news caster.
The news article should also highlight the concept or the way the event is supposed to be approached at a given time. The concept here is that the American president needs to have a close attachment with the people and therefore he should have been with the children in the flood area. The clash arose when the president said that going to a crisis area is only meant for a photo shot implying that there is no need of moving to the area. This attributes of the president have been likened with the acts of the former president George W. Bush who decided not to visit the Gulf coast when it was affected by the storm Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He opted to fly with the Air Force One hence got a lot of criticism from the public for detaching himself from the victims (Cohen, Payne, & Ford, 2014). It is recommended that the president should at least send some representatives than being silent or even criticizing that event for doing so he may be portrayed as if he is not concerned with the people.
The article should portray fairness in its way of representation meaning that the editors should be fair in their news release. The intellectual standards have been used as we can see the involved actors are responding to criticism. The governors state their criticism about the event and the president states his view on how he thinks is supposed to happen.
In my own opinion, I think the article is biased because the criticism towards the president does not necessarily reflect the views of the victims. The president may also be attending other pressing issues or may not feel well while in the site at that moment. The editors should look at both sides to avoid criticisms that may be biased in future (Cohen, Payne, & Ford, 2014).
Cohen, T., Payne, E., & Ford, D. (2014, July 10). Texas Governor lashes out at Obama over immigration crisis. Retrieved July 10, 2014, from Read More
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