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Just Answer the questions - Case Study Example

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The two breeds differ in terms of size, colour and production capacity. Whereby, Holsteins produce a lot of milk than Jersey. However, Jerseys produce milk with a lot of nutrient contents as compared to Holsteins. Further, Jersey has…
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Just Answer the questions
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Topic: JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Beef Feedlot What is a feedlot? It is an area inside a building where cattle are feed to fatten them.
2.) What do cattle eat/consume in a feedlot?
Forage grass alfalfa, vitamins, fresh water and mineral supplements
3.) What is a chute used for or what is its purpose?
Chute is used for handling animals especially when vaccinating them, putting ear tags on the animals, and when checking whether animals are healthy.
4.) List two concepts or facts your learned or found interesting.
The two interesting facts are the manner in which the bans are organized and the availability of a computerised system that help to manage livestock’s inside the ban.
Cow/Calf Farm
1.) Name two British breeds of cattle. Name two Continental breeds of cattle.
British breeds of cattle include; Ancient white Park and British White. While continental breeds of cattle include; Chianina and Limousine
British: Continental: Bos indicus
2.) Why is ear tagging important?
It is important because it help in identifying livestock’s. It also helps to track and prevent diseases among the livestock’s.
3.) How many hours a day do cattle spend eating? What does ‘chewing cud’ mean?
Cattle spend an average of 6 hours a day eating and eight hours chewing cuds. Chewing cud means pondering back the food that was partially digested in ruminant animals.
4.) Management Facts:
• At what age are heifers bred? How old will a heifer be when she has her first
Heifers are bred when they are fifteen months old. The old heifer will be 21 months old when she has her first calf.
Step 1:
Watch the video titled, “OSU Dairy Farm Tour” and provide answers to the
following questions:
1.) what are the two breeds that represent the OSU Dairy cow herd? In terms of milk
composition, what is the significant difference between these two breeds?
The two breeds include Holsteins and Jerseys. The two breeds differ in terms of size, colour and production capacity. Whereby, Holsteins produce a lot of milk than Jersey. However, Jerseys produce milk with a lot of nutrient contents as compared to Holsteins. Further, Jersey has smaller body size as compared to Holsteins. In addition, Holsteins have more weight compared to Jersey.
2.) What type of Milking Parlor is used? What is unique about the OSU Dairy? Describe it.
Parallel Parlor is used for milking. The OSU Dairy are unique in the sense that they are milk twice or thrice a day, this is aimed at enhancing efficiency and increased output in milk production.
3.) Production Challenges
Sometimes cows dies when giving birth while other does not produce enough milk as expected to cover the maintenance cost. Further, OSU Dairy faces the challenge of pricing their milk.
4.) Describe the manure management system and methods:
Manure management system involves activities such as keeping manure application records, testing manure whether they necessary nutrients such as phosphorous for production,
5.) Cows are fed a TMR. What does TMR stand for? Name two types of feedstuffs included in the TMR. What is an advantage and disadvantage of a TMR?
TMR stand for total mixed ration, the types of feeds included in the TMR include; minerals, vitamins, grains and proteins. The advantages of TMR are that it provide cows in different groups with a ration, it led to increase in milk production. The disadvantage of TMR is that it provides all cows with the same ration which may not be appropriate (Linn, para.4).
6.) What is kept in the white bags?
Foodstuffs are normally stored in white bags. They are also used in grocery stores to store grocery as well as gifts.
Step 2
1.) Name four types of feedstuffs provided to the cows on the tour.
The four types of foodstuffs include; hay, mineral salt, green grass, grains, alfalfa, grain/corns.
2.) If a cow is sick, what happens to her and what happens to her milk?
If a cow is sick it becomes inactive and hence unable to eat properly. This leads to a decrease in milk production.
3.) Prior to milking, what is done to the milking equipment? What type of milking parlor is
shown in the tour?
The udders of a cow a cleansed, the teats of a cow are deepen in the sanitization solution, dry the udders, attach the milking machine and then milk the cows.
4.) Before milk goes to the processing plant, what does the milk truck driver do? If something is wrong with the milk what happens to it? The truck driver tests every tank of milk, if there is something wrong with the milk the driver informs the relevant department for further actions.
5.) Provide two facts or concepts you learned or found interesting. Page 2 of 2
The most interesting facts learned are that just like human beings, cattle’s are social animals.
Step 4 – Myths vs. Facts
There is a myth that less than two percent of the U.S population is involved in dairy farming. On the other hand, there is a fact that most people are three times likely to be removed from their farms.
1.) Animal Care – from the tour, I learnt that treating animal with comfort and respect is very important thing which may also help to increase their production.
2.) Environment – environment should be taken care by ensuring all the natural resources are preserved properly for the future famers/generation.
3.) General Dairy – take care of environment and animals to ensure that consumers/families obtain daily products that are highly nutritious.
4.) Milk Safety – the American farmers are working hard to ensure that they provide consumers with safe and high quality milk that cows are kept health so that they can produce fresh natural health milk (Dairy Farming, pars.1-3).
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Dairy Farming. Web.06.07.2014 :< f
Linn.J. Feeding Total Mixed Ration. Web.06.07.2014: Read More
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Just Answer the Questions Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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