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Just answer some easy guiding questions - Essay Example

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This perception is driven by human activities in relation to modern advancements in technology and urbanization. Frenkel states that bioregionalism was…
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Just answer some easy guiding questions
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Bioregionalism and Environmental Determinism al Affiliation Question Frenkel defines bioregionalism as the general perspective regarding the alienation of humans from the natural environment. This perception is driven by human activities in relation to modern advancements in technology and urbanization. Frenkel states that bioregionalism was characterized by human affection towards technology that had become almost uncontrollable. The founders of the concept of bioregionalism were of the view that the earth risked a global environmental crisis if the human being did fail to comprehend the relationship that exists between them and the environment. Bioregionalism is thus seen to bring a host of challenges among them environmental degradation and psychological dissatisfaction in what life has to offer. The reason, why human being focuses more on developing new things is because of this psychological dissatisfaction. Frenkel further states that a lot has changed in terms of the relationship that the human being have with the natural environment. However, there is a little or no time to correct some of the damages that have already been done as a result of this detachment.
Question 2
Environmental determinism is defined as the collection of implicit theories that show the relationship between culture and the environment. In most of these theories, the environment has an overall impact on socio-economic developments that occur in day to day life. An example given to this relationship is climatic conditions. Nature or the environment is seen to play a great role in influencing the climatic conditions of a particular place. However, most geographers rejected the environmental determinism theory due to inadequate evidence and scientific shortcomings regarding how the climate and culture and related. Despite this rejection, environmental determinism has played a major role in the development of alternative theories such as possibilism and probabilism.
Question 3
The concept of bioregionalism and environmental determinism share a common ideology regarding the relationship between human culture and the environment. Frenkle cites an argument by previous scholars that the environment affects among other things; religion, literature, and thoughts. This implies that the environment of human beings affects how they do things and how they do it. The concept of the bioregion is also deep-rooted in the integrity of the natural order. Under this argument, it is humans who are trying to change how things are done. However, it is the environment that is supposed to dictate how humans behave or operate. Both environmental determinism and bioregion imply that there is a link between the environment and human lifestyle.
Question 4
The arguments for the bioregionalism and environmental determinism have major ideological differences. While environmental determinists argue that the environment has a significant amount of impact on culture, bioregionalists do not put much emphasis on the importance of the environment in determining the social and economic outcomes. In addition, bioregionalists are of the view that the changes and development being experienced today outpace the effect of the environment in modern society. The argument behind this opinion is that modern societies are often unresponsive to the environment due to the fast paced changes experienced in economics and technology. Bioregionalists, therefore, advocate diversity arguing that despite the differences that characterize different places, the world is just a bioregion.
Question 5
Frenkel states that while it is important to understand the similarities and differences between bioregionalism and environmental determinism, there are several ideas in the bioregionalism concept that are conflicting. Frenkel argues that the deterministic nature with regards to bioregionalism does not conform to the egalitarian philosophy of bioregionalism. In these regards, bioregionalism does not have a common concept of environmental determinism as it is a representation of a unique environmental movement. Frenkel states that by understanding ways in which bioregionalism is environmentally deterministic, bioregionalists can improve the concept and overcome some of the challenges experienced in the modern society.
Frenkel, S. (1994). Old Theories in New Places? Environmental Determinism and Bioregionalism. Professional Geographer, 46(3), 289-295. Read More
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