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With numerous methods of advertising in place, deviation is often observed with regard to the human rights, animal rights and other moral and social…
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Just Answer the questionsno reference
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Advertising in modern times have become one of the main functions of company representation and brand or product selling. With numerous methods of advertising in place, deviation is often observed with regard to the human rights, animal rights and other moral and social obligations that may be termed as unethical in any educated and developed society.
In the wake of such developments, the company heads and the advertisement creators have re thinking to do. They can be compelled by presenting them with evidences and traces where considerable deviations have been seen from the norms of a cultured society. These deviations come in the form of animals being abused in a direct or indirect manner, or the lack of values among the mankind in one way or the other.
Such practices are in conflict not just with the ethical aspect of human rights and activities but also the legal and professional constraints and aspects of advertisement and business functions.
The animal rights activists and entities are striving to stop such trends. As recently as 2014, main brands of the global business industry such as the Tommy Hilfiger, H&M and many more were subjected to penalty on account of the sting operations launched which found them using unethical means and exposing animals to threats in different forms.
Subaru (TEODORO), the car manufacturers from Japan has taken an initiative and resolved not using or presenting the animal for any commercial purposes in their business endeavors. This is seen as a positive trend and many other companies are legally and ethical obliged to follow such trends.
TEODORO, TED. Subaru. Rejects Live Animals in Ads. Joins Puma and Honda. 4 Aug 2008. 28 July 2014 Read More
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