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Teaching Tips - Essay Example

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The present essay "Teaching Tips" provides certain suggestions concerning classroom management. As the author puts it, the main aim of the teachers is to make the students understand about the lessons imparted in the classroom. The teachers need to monitor the activities of the students…
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Teaching Tips
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Extract of sample "Teaching Tips"

Download file to see previous pages The questioning procedure makes the teacher aware of the understanding of the students. This helps the students to correct the mistakes and to make them understand the essence of the lesson better. (Academic feedback, n.d.,p 2). The activities of the students get monotonous if they are taught the same lessons. Asking questions and assigning them activities will help to break the monotonous routine of the students. (Teaching tip 18: Pacing, n.d.). If the questions are scientific, they arouse a certain level of interest among the students. If the students get interested in their studies, they understand the subject better. The frequency of the right answers in questions also helps the teachers to make an estimate of student understanding. If the right answers form a high percentage it has to be inferred that the students have understood the subject. (Academic feedback, n.d, p 3).
Students should understand the lessons imparted by the teachers. It is essential for the teachers to ensure learner understanding for providing the right feedbacks. It is essential; therefore, that the students should understand the subject before the teachers can gauge them. Thus, it is very important for teachers to probe for learner understanding before giving feedbacks. (Teaching tip 18: Pacing, n.d.)
Follow-up Questions are another important tool by which the progress of the students can be measured. The follow-up questions impart the need for reteaching the lessons if any. If a scientific approach is used in follow-up questions, a correct feedback about the students can be garnered.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching Tips Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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