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The stakeholders in this project are; Crown Prince Shekh Mahamad bin Rashid Ahmad (the project is his brainchild),Nakheel properties who are property developers based in Dubai.Nakheel properties hired Dutch and Belgian marine and dredging contractor Van Oord and Jan De Nul,…
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Project management, Homework Palm Island Dubai
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Essay: Project management (Palm Island Dubai) The Palm Island The stakeholders in this project are; Crown Prince Shekh Mahamad bin Rashid Ahmad (the project is his brainchild),Nakheel properties who are property developers based in Dubai.Nakheel properties hired Dutch and Belgian marine and dredging contractor Van Oord and Jan De Nul, some of the world’s best specialists in reclamation of the land. Other key people involved in the construction were Mounir Haidar who was the chief of planning, Scott Hutchinson who was the apartment construction engineer from the firm Turner Construction international and Robert Berger who was the project manager from 2000-2004.
The following risks were inherent; waves whose height is 2 metres high resulting from strong winds that are a constant feature in the Northwestern region of the Gulf and which ultimately affect Dubai, potential of a storm that is catastrophic with a frequency of 1 in a 100 years, earthquakes measuring 6 to 7 on the Richter scale, this is a region prone to earthquakes and weak soil because of frequent exposure to rising water. To mitigate the waves and the sea’s constant motion, wave blockers were erected on all sides of the island which were 160 km in length and 3 meters in height.
There were deviations from the initial plans. After one year, two thirds of the total breakwater crescent of the island had been finished. However scientists encountered another challenge which actually was the lack of enough water circulating around the fronds connected with the open sea. This therefore necessitated scientists to alter the initial blueprint of the breakwater crescent and thus they built 2 openings in the breakwater. These breaks were then connected by use of bridges. The purpose of these openings was to aid in prevention of water stagnating and permitting marine traffic. This created an opportunity for a tide rushing in every two times per day, thus replenishing the supply of water every two weeks (14 days).
Examples of control and monitoring activities mentioned in the firm include the sending of undersea divers to do a survey of the ocean floor after every 27 minutes, searching for cracks and any splinters in rocks or rather “rock fatigue” that could have been caused by violent and strong waves. Another example of control and monitoring activity that took place was that of beach erosion. Thus the manmade beach faced the threat of being eroded since like the natural beach, it does not replenish itself. This is another area that called for constant monitoring.
Project crashing can be said to be a way of making short the duration of project by reduction of time of one or more of the important activities of the project to less than its standard activity time. The main aim is usually reduction of project duration while at the same time minimising the actual cost of crashing. An example of project crashing in the case of Palm Island in Dubai took place when the concerned firm constructing the islands started laying the foundation of sand underneath the sea. Due to constraints in time, forced the two companies; one building the breakwater crescent and the other one building the islands to construct and complete both projects simultaneously.
An example of an unpredictable risk in the Palm Island project would most certainly be an earthquake occurring. Thus the Gulf area that encompasses Dubai and Iran is quite prone to earthquakes which measures about 6 to 7 when measured on the Richter scale. An earthquake as we know it is quite hard to predict and can strike when least expected. This can lead to disastrous effects on the Island, maybe even destroying it completely together with its ecosystem. Thus all precautionary measures should be put in place just in case such a phenomenon occurred.
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