History of horror gener and two media crtiques (film analysis) about Dracula 1931 and Frankenstein 1931 - Essay Example

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The specific purpose of this paper is to discuss the origin and history of Horror genre in films and also to analyze the theme, story structure and characters of two movies, Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931).
Movies that have gained popularity with the introduction to…
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History of horror gener and two media crtiques (film analysis) about Dracula 1931 and Frankenstein 1931
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Extract of sample "History of horror gener and two media crtiques (film analysis) about Dracula 1931 and Frankenstein 1931"

Download file to see previous pages Since, the stories that are not relating to realty or generated to exaggerate a scene about a situation, many sorts of genre were introduced to the film industry. Such forms of stories are categorized as fiction. In all the cultures around the world there is a concept of the devil, demon, and negative darkness. In the earlier centuries, civilizations had a strong concept of non-physical spirits, which were meant to horrify people. The legends about monsters and heroes that defeated them and saved lives of many have been heard for over several millenniums. Even in the Chinese dynasty, it is found to be believed on ancestors worship since 1500 years B.C. Probably every culture having a set of stories and tales that make a person wondering and having chills gave rise to horror movie’s genre in films (Spadoni, 2009).
In the horror category, first the Gothic tradition took part with a novel, The Castle of Otranto, by Horace Walpole (1764). That novel gave popularity to the word ‘Horror, leaving its readers stilted as it had a supernatural shock. Then came other writers who gave us the short stories and novels in this category. One of them was the first great and classic novel ‘Frankenstein’ in 1818, written by Mary Shelley. Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe were also the famous gothic writers of the 18th century. It was through the gothic literature that the horror genre inspired the filmmakers as a unique category. This genre also gave rise to the Halloween monsters, which is a fast approaching concept.
The term ‘Horror’ is a projection of fear, it is a part of the imagination, whether we appreciate it or not. The modernized horror genre had been introduced for about 200 years ago. This genre was popular in books and theater. The first horror film was made in 1930, ‘Spook Tale’ from 1895, by Lumpier brothers. In the 19th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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