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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 - Movie Review Example

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre In life of every person among working, studying or ordinary daily tasks, there is a place for entertainment, which can take various forms. It is hard always to be devoted only to own job, because each organism and even mind needs recurrent rest…
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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie 1974
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Extract of sample "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974"

Download file to see previous pages First of all, it is a process of everlasting thinking and intention to broad own outlook. Without critical analysis, brainstorming and generation of own thoughts and emotions, any cultural event is pointless, as long as it does not compel person to accept provided information properly, developing knowledge base, forming private views and altering previous attitudes. Sometimes watching a play or visiting exhibition, a person is able to be pleasantly impressed and manages to learn a lot more than last several years of life can teach him with different situations, experiences, acquaintances and problems. It is not random when they say that a smart person studies life with a help of outside experiences, instruments and sources, which prevent him to make mistakes in own real situations. Therefore, cultural enrichment is imperative device of personal development and growth, which stimulates thinking activity and embellishes insipid days with bright and abundant emotions. One of such cultural events that had managed to become not only entertainment but also educational element, encouraging to further communication, expression of own ideas and making of relevant conclusions, was a free presentation of legendary Toby Hooper’s movie “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, which took place on the lawn at Enzian theatre. The outdoor show occurred on the 19th of October at 8:30 PM. Word of mouth, especially my close friend, who is a passionate fan of horror movies, and Internet links on the official web site of the theatre have helped me to find out more about impending event, providing details concerning the venue, time and gist of gathering. Being not very impressed with such genre of movies, after my friend’s arguments concerning the significance and popularity of the mentioned film I was extremely intrigued, containing interest and intention to be able to appraise a picture that was totally out of my taste. Preliminary having read some reviews, among which there were as positive as critical comments equally, I realized the vagueness of horror movie that managed to create inner desire to form own point of view. That is why, being interested and rather skeptical about greatness of the picture, I decided to take my friend’s piece of advice into consideration and watch Hooper’s movie. In the beginning of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” a viewer can observe rather unusual fact when a teller emphasizes on the truthfulness of the current story. However, despite that during the creation of the Leather face’s image script writers have alluded to well-known in 1950s American slaughter Ed Gein, in the reality all characters are invented and the plot is fictional. Such disinformation of the viewers is able to evict considerable interest and attract people’s attention to the movie right from the beginning, keeping them in a huge tension and concentration to the plot until the very end. The movie starts with dreadful flashes of dead bodies and announcement of the radio speaker about the barbaric treatment of graves on the Texas cemetery. In the center of the movie there is a young girl named Sally and her disabled brother on invalid chair, who, being heard about tombs robbing, with other friends get a ride to investigate a grave of their grandfather. Driving near a cattle farm, Franklin explains everybody how farmers slaughter cows, while Pam interjects that “people should not kill animals for food”. That is the first push for thinking that a viewer meets with. Ordinary and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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