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Star Wars 1977 or the more popularly known ‘A New Hope’ is a movie that can be regarded as a work that appeared long before this type of movies started appearing. …
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Star Wars 1977
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Star Wars 1977 Star Wars 1977 or the more popularly known ‘A New Hope’ is a movie that can be regarded as a work that appeared long before this type of movies started appearing. I chose this movie because it provides a retrospective insight into the way in which producers and writers of that time were imagining things about the future. More than 35 years have passed since the first production of this movie, but it appears that the basic idea and theme that motivated the production of this work remains as such. Our thinking about strange worlds of the outer space and distance galaxies, stars and planets still remain the same and we are as lost as we were more than three decades ago.
2. The movie takes into consideration the era following the making of an Empire known as the Galactic Empire. Princess Leia who happens to be the leader of rebels is struggling for the destruction of a weapon that can potentially destroy a planet. During one of her missions she is intercepted and taken prisoner. At this time she is carrying the documents that have the designs that can potentially destroy the weapon. She manages to give those plans to droids who are then sent away to seek help for the princess. The droids end up revealing the confidential information to the person who purchases those droids after they are stolen by a team of traders who buy and sell similar stuff. Later skywalker gets a chance to meet Obi-Wan Kenobi who lives on Tatooine; a desert like planet. Obi-Wan trains Jedi and then this team attempts to rescue Princess Leia from the Empire that took her captive earlier.
3. In my opinion, the main female character of the movie is the Princess Leia who happens to be the princess of Alderaan. She is also portrayed as an Imperial Senate member who in addition to being princess also functions as a spy. She is shown to be a very determined lady who resists torture and other unfair means to hide a secret that can potentially destroy a planet. During her captivity, she is subjected to many punishments which she endures with courage and finally, she is rescued by Luke Skywalker and other faithful fellows of her team.
4. From her point of view, the story of the movie will revolve around the idea of being a captive. Right in the start of the movie, she is taken as a prisoner and she sends away a friendly droid along with the information that is being sought by her opponents. The remaining movie will portray how she endures the torture that she is subjected to on continuous basis. An expression of her inner feelings can take the form of hope and misery; both appearing in a simultaneous manner. Since she has send the droids, she is hopeful that they are working to set her free. But at the same time, the misery and the pain of the torture that she is going through forces her to believe that the chances of getting freedom are grim. Read More
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Star Wars 1977 Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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