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Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation - Case Study Example

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The paper "Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation" highlights that music of the film is an example of the work that goes into creating a mood, a sense of the universe in which a movie is set, and a general emotional rollercoaster from which the viewer derives the greatest pleasure…
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Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation
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Extract of sample "Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation"

Download file to see previous pages The music is filled with anarchist themes, the revolutionary spirit and anti-establishment philosophy rife throughout the film.
The film is memorialized through the song Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf. The film is embodied in this music, the sexualized energy of the song emphasizing the freedom with which the theme of the film is based. The film opens with another Steppenwolf song, The Pusher, but this song sets the outlaw nature of the characters, not the central theme of freedom. The Pusher has a seedy undertone, the sound of the music dragging the theme into the ground, creating a sense that they have done what they have to do to buy what the need most; freedom. Once Fonda takes his watch off and throws it down, defying the essential structure of modern life, which is time, the music of Born to be Wild explodes just as their engines gear up and they pull out into the open road.
Despite the overwhelming theme of freedom, the theme of drug use is prolific within the soundtrack of the film. Don’t Bogart Me by The Fraternity of Men has the sound of a classic country song, with the nature of the music similar to that which comes out of Memphis. The scenery that accompanies the music is that of Midwest America, farms and cows passing by as they riders pass through on the motorcycles. While the theme of the music is that of sharing marijuana, the sound reminds one of the rural life that is the imagery of the film. While the music never lets go of its revolutionary spirit, the sounds reflect the nature of the experience of America. The dichotomy within the film, visually emphasized by the American flag that is worn by Fonda and which decorates his gas tank on his bike, is between the establishment and the anarchist theories of freedom. The music both supports the appreciation for the country and examines the natural revolution of the period in which the price of the freedoms that were desired was the illegality of the ways in which they expressed some of those freedoms.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation Case Study, n.d.)
Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation Case Study.
(Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation Case Study)
Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation Case Study.
“Music and Movies That Create a Sense of a Generation Case Study”.
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