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Black Hawk Down - Movie Review Example

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It is a different thing if historical events are to be brought to life with the intention of relieving it all over again, at least on the big screen. Contradictions and controversies often hound the true accounts of a certain famous situation or circumstance…
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Black Hawk Down
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Extract of sample "Black Hawk Down"

Download file to see previous pages The world has witnessed numerous wars over the decades. No nation or nationality is ever prepared to witness the brutality and the horrors of the wars which annihilated millions of innocent lives. Each war is unique. Every bloody encounter is a reminder of a certain period or situation in human history. The Vietnam war, the Korean War, the two World Wars are all grim events that shaped the boundaries of the world map. Each war occurs at different moments for specific reasons. The significance of these unforgettable events will forever be inscribed on the annals of global chronicles.
Reality television is popular. The vital factor which keeps it a crowd drawer is the actual footages being shown on the screen. But even with the reality format, its scenes are still being doubted just the same by many viewers. Real and reel details depict contrasting differences. It is maybe unfortunate but it's the truth. On-screen portrayals of human events are spiced up with interesting scenes to make the whole story favorable to the taste of the patronizing public.
When the war movie "Black Hawk Down" has been launched in 2001, analysts project it to be a box-office hit. And it has been a blockbuster. People are often fascinated by war adventures based on actual events. Viewers know that factual twists are inserted into the movie. However, it is interesting to note that only a few brave ones come out and point out its missing parts. Production companies are in business to bring about the thrill and excitement of entertainment. Studio gurus are out to create a good story. Collaboration is an everyday process to transform an actual boring plot into an entertaining one. "The movie Black Hawk Down was a retelling of a true war story that happened back in 1993. The movie in itself was a great telling of war and the casualties of war. The action was realistic and acting this time like most war movies wasn't over done by the actors" (
Aside from the longtime critics of the United States, the only country perhaps which is unhappy with the introduction of Black Hawk Down in the movie world is Somalia. But judging from the movie itself, the African nation may have at least a reason to celebrate. The Americans have captured a couple of chief lieutenants under Somali warlord Mohamed Aidid at a price. The death of 18 U.S. soldiers may not be a major loss on the American side but the Somalis can still enjoy that victory considering that about a thousand of its countrymen douse out cold water on an elite U.S. military team to accomplish its mission. Advanced training and sophisticated weaponry cannot do it all for the American soldiers. Instead, an impoverished and ill-armed Somali group outclasses a usually highly-motivated superpower team. "As we have seen more than once in the last ten years, the involvement of the United States in military style missions is not necessarily a guarantee of success. For all their might, bravado, and desire to put the world to rights, too often they underestimate the situation" (
The action-packed movie is worthy of its portrayal about the true accounts of the 1993 Mogadishu encounter. To start with, the actual setting has been captured in Black Hawk Down. A hostile Somali crowd is present. U.S. soldiers are armed and suited well to the situation. Critics ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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