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Regardless of such fundamental ideas behind the mission, there have been positive and negative aspects of such military actions. Typical example of…
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Military Action
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Military Actions On a number of occasions, the United s army has undertaken military actions that have had fundamental humanitarian missions. Regardless of such fundamental ideas behind the mission, there have been positive and negative aspects of such military actions. Typical example of such military action is the one undertaken by the United States army on October 3, 1993 in Somalia. This military action has commonly been labeled as the Black Hawk Down battle (Nasaw, 2009). The positive result that could be associated with the Black Hawk Down battle is in the intention of the military action. There was a universal outcry of the acts and deeds of warlord Mohamad Farrah Aidid that needed immediate intervention. Acting on United Nations sanctioned mission therefore a group of United States soldiers invaded the city of Mogadishu. Eventually also, some positive results were recorded when the military action resulted in the prevention of Islamist terrorists from taking root: despite the fact that that was not the original humanitarian mission (Nasaw, 2009).
The Black Hawk Down battle in Somalia also had its own negative results. Analysts have judged the outcome of that particular military action as one of the worse to have ever hit the United States army. Within a period of 17 hours, as many as 18 United States soldiers and 500 Somalis had fallen as victims of death in the battle. To a very large extent, much blame is put on more intelligence gathering and more strategic approach as the cause of the problem (WGBH educational foundation, 2012).there are many who hold the view that the United States army reacted rather to quickly to the call to go on that battle. By and large, leadership misappropriations may be cited as the cause of the failures that were associated with the military action in Somalia in 1993.
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