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Enterprise infrastructure - Essay Example

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The criteria used for determining an information sharing approach is security, availability and speed. EIP is the most appropriate approach because it is secure, easy to use, and relays information…
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Enterprise infrastructure
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"Enterprise infrastructure"

Download file to see previous pages It is subdivided into smaller sections within a large portal. An EIP allows users to get information in the desired context. It categorizes information for easy access to users. It also allows employees to collaborate by sharing information regardless of their geographical locations.
An EIP allows an organization to disseminate information efficiently. It also enables an organization to consolidate all its websites in a single platform. In addition, it provides quick access to information within an organization. EIP allows employees in an organization to access relevant personalized information quickly. EIP can also provide targeted employee information depending on their roles preferences.
One of the most important guidelines for determining the best information sharing approach is information security. In any communication, the message is supposed to remain confidential. It should not reach unintended parties. An EIP is relatively secure for sharing organizational information because various categories of users can access different portals. The system allows authorized users to login to respective accounts and get personalized information.
The second factor that determines the approach of sharing information within an organization is the accessibility of the information. A good system of sharing information should be easy to use and widely available. It should not be confined to specific places alone. It should enable users to get what they want at any place and time.
The third factor that determines information sharing strategy in an organization is the speed of dissemination. Information should reach the recipient within the shortest time possible. A good information sharing system should, therefore, transmit the information to the recipient within a short period.
An organization should encourage the use of three information flows within the organization. The three information flows are downward, upward and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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