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Public-Private Partnerships - Essay Example

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Actually, the definitions provided by NCPPP, Savas and Orman clearly demonstrate that there is a very big difference between Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Private Enterprise (PPE). Unlike PPE, PPP involves the collaboration between the government and private sector…
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Public-Private Partnerships
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Extract of sample "Public-Private Partnerships"

Public Private Partnership Public Private Partnership Q1 Actually, the definitions provided by NCPPP, Savas and Orman clearly demonstrate that there is a very big difference between Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Private Enterprise (PPE). Unlike PPE, PPP involves the collaboration between the government and private sector in the funding, operation, ownership and management of enterprises and infrastructures.
PPP is a good initiative because it has lots benefits to the government, private investors and the general public. First, it is an effective, efficient and cost-effective way of developing infrastructure. Besides, it encourages competition and promotes quality service delivery. Lastly, its application can help in a proper and full utilization of public resources (Savas, 2005).
Despite its positive contributions in the country, the effective application of PPP can be affected by political interference, bureaucratic procedures in the procumbent system, poor policy formulation and implementation (LeRoux, 2007). These, if not properly checked, can be quite disastrous in the success of PPP in the country.
Definitely, the information provided in this book can be of great importance to anyone who wants to venture into public administration. It imparts crucial knowledge that can help in preparing them to be informed and open-minded public administrators. First, it provides a proper understanding on the differences between PPP and PPE. Secondly, it teaches on the effectiveness of a proper application of these concepts in the management of public resources. Moreover, it teaches on the obstacles that can derail effective application of PPP. Last, but not least, the article informs on the best strategies that can be applied to address such challenges. All these can be quite invaluable to a prospecting public administrator.
LeRoux, K. (Ed.) (2007) Service Contracting, A Local Government Guide, 2nd Ed. Washington,
D.C.: ICMA Press.
Savas, E.S. (2005) Privatization in the City. Washington, DC: CQ Press. Read More
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