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A healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and cessation of tobacco are behaviors identified by WHO that will…
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Nursing assignment
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Chile Food and Vegetable Promotion Chile Food and Vegetable Promotion Summary of the Study Problems related to chronic noncommunicable diseases and food trends have opened up alliances between health, agriculture, and private sectors. A healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and cessation of tobacco are behaviors identified by WHO that will reduce the rates of chronic noncommunicable diseases.
Chileans are particularly at risk for chronic noncommunicable diseases. Health-led interventions are geared towards global strategy against obesity, nutritional intervention through the life cycle for prevention of obesity and chronic noncommunicable diseases, and health promotion. Meanwhile, public-private interventions include the 5-a-day Consortium.
Methods used to analyze the intersectoral/interagency collaboration and public–private partnerships include the social determinants of health which analyze the units of interventions, intersectoral/interagency and inter-program relationships, public–private partnerships, and capacity to influence policy.
Findings of the study found out that interviewees assumed that the price of fruits and vegetables is too high, particularly for the poorest among the population. Access to fruit and vegetable content of school meals are slow and availability of fresh fruit is scant. The 5-a-day Consortium has addressed acceptability and improvement of quality and access to fruits and vegetables.
Despite proposed solutions to increase intake of fruits and vegetables among Chilean population and to enhanced partnerships between interlocal agencies and public and private sectors, conflicts between commercial and social interests still occur and created a significant effect on public policies.
Impact to the Determinants of Health
As documented by the WHO, increasing individual fruit and vegetable consumption to up to 600 g daily would reduce the worldwide burden of ischemic heart disease, ischemic stroke, esophageal, lung and colorectal cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases, and other chronic noncommunicable diseases. In addition, the study also affect the collaboration between interlocal agencies and different sectors as political actions are also important determinants of health in resolving issues related to oppression of underserved Chilean in terms of fruit and vegetable consumption.
Based upon the social determinants/pathway of Chilean population, deep inequities are observed between income levels, ethnic groups, regions affecting mainly women, children and underemployed workers; food intake are affected by global trends in fast-processed foods; Chile exports majority of fruits but not value seasonal produce; and unavailability of healthy food alternatives in the market.
Agricultural Projects: Critical to Improving Health
Projects like this and the orange-fleshed sweet potato in Mozambique provides a wide array of healthy food alternatives to the underserved population. Food-based approaches may be appropriate and sustainable complements to supplementation programs. Aside from that, projects like these ensure that young children in the developing world are getting the needed nutrients essential for growth and development. Thus, with projects like these, the micronutrient content of foods are enhanced and chronic noncommunicable diseases can be prevented at an early age due to micronutrient supplementation. Read More
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