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Primary School Children Nutrition - Assignment Example

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The stages of lifespan development namely the early and middle childhood stages are characterized by the child's introduction to formal education or primary education. Psychologists state that this period is essential for children to learn the fundamentals of life through the process of school education…
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Primary School Children Nutrition
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Download file to see previous pages The government has taken steps to improve the nutrition, health and wellness of every individual. They want to have these attitudes inculcated starting with the young ones using the best way possible which is through family and the school communities.
The primary school children is the target market of government initiatives such nutrition programs involving fruits and vegetables as part of their meal plans. The ages of the children ranges from 5 years towards late childhood stage of development.
It is important to note that growth during early childhood proceeds at a slow rate as compared with the rapid rate of growth in babyhood. Early childhood is a time relatively even growth, though there are seasonal variations.
There have been several studies and researches which aim to provide data and information as to how the fruits and vegetables affect the development and performance of children in schools, homes and communities.
University of Columbia conducted a study regarding Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Preschool Children. The aim of the study was to find out if preschool children get the adequate and required amount of fruits and vegetable servings per day.
The cross sectional study involved one hundred 2-year old kids and one hundred seven 5-year old kids as their sample population. The procedures that they used in their assessments were dietary intake assessment, study population, calculation of fruit and vegetable consumption, questionnaire data, statistical analysis
The results stated that the 2-year-old children ate and drank the similar numbers of servings per day of fruits, fruit juices, and total fruits and vegetables as the 5-year-old children. The children's consumption of fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, and total fruits and vegetables did not differ based on PPC educational achievement nor their participation in WIC.
Fruit juice contributed significantly to the total fruit servings consumed and to the total number of fruit and vegetable servings consumed, representing 54% of all fruit servings and 42% of all fruit and vegetable servings consumed.
Thirty-nine percent of the fruit juice consumed was mixed fruit juice (the majority of which was fortified with vitamin C), 30% was apple juice, 23% was orange juice, 7% was grape juice, and 1% was pear or pear-apple juice.
Most children consumed less than 0.5 vegetable servings/day. Children who consumed more than 0.5 vegetable servings/day were more likely to eat vegetables at more than one meal or snack during the day, while those who consumed less than 0.5 serving/day tended to eat vegetables at only one eating occasion.
This significantly greater 0.2 servings/day of vegetables, however, was counter-balanced by a non-significantly lower 0.3 servings/day of total fruits, with the net result being that the total number of fruit and vegetable servings/day consumed by the two age groups of children did not differ significantly. Therefore, the two age groups were combined in subsequent analyses.

Fruit juice plays a larger role in children's diets than adult's diets. Children, especially young children, consume more servings and a greater percent of total calories from fruit juice, but fewer servings and calories from vegetables than adults.
In this study, as in others, fruit juice contributed about 50% of the total fruit servings consumed by the children compared to 35% in adults' diets; fruit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Primary School Children Nutrition Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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