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A visual aid that illustrates a problem - Research Paper Example

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This chart is a simple way to organize and group tasks. It can be found that the right hand side of the chart has task bars. Each of these task bars explain when the task…
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A visual aid that illustrates a problem
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Download file to see previous pages The nature of task is given like booking musicians, choosing venue, promotional activities and ticket booking.
The data gives information about the group names and task names. For example, the group name is book musicians while task name is given underneath it. These images makes is to easy to understand the task. The data in the chart are name of thetas, the person performing them and the dates on which they are being done. The name of the task is seen on the task bars and we can see that there are colours on the graphs which mean that is doing it .And the data regarding the date can be seen on the upper portion of the chart in columns.
The significance of the chart is that it gives a detail about the tasks and structure about its performance. The tasks can be linked and they can be monitored to understand the progression. The chart defines the actions setting and gives information on the start date and end date and the mode of scheduling. In this way the project completes at an earlier date or on the correct time. The tasks can be edited or ended as and when required. Here we can see many resources and possibilities on specific times. The dependencies of the task can be analysed from the chart. One can calculate the dates and re – calculate it depending on the time and hence time gain can be accomplished.
Here the tasks can be completed in a well defined manner and can relate to each other. As and when the bookings are done on the musicians then other affairs can be done. Like the venue setting, promotions and ticket arrangements. Even if any booking is cancelled things can be changed with less difficulty due to the co – ordination of tasking with the help of chart. So here the first task can be finished first and rest in order. There is a clear visual representation of the tasks to be performed which makes things more comprehensible.
Girt chart is not a perfect tool for projects as it has its own limitations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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