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Pink: The Wall and the Who: Quadrophenia - Essay Example

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Pink: The Wall and the Who: Quadrophenia Name: Institution: Pink: The Wall and the Who: Quadrophenia Commonly, rock music performance relies on highly conscious and thought-provoking recorded pieces that explore the different themes in this music genre. Currently, rock music is finding its way into the film industry, undeniably attracting a significant clique of new followers who would not have associated themselves with rock music before…
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Pink: The Wall and the Who: Quadrophenia
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Download file to see previous pages Initially, rock artists recorded music without the inclusion of videos and other display features that would make it more appealing. While rock music performance concentrates on rock culture promotion through recording the audio pieces, film performance involves the use of visuals to promote the same culture. This paper will critically compare and contrast the differences and similarities in the music, the authenticity, and self-conscious film performances of Pink Floyd and The Who. Pink Floyd: The Wall The film Pink Floyd: The Wall was adapted from the album The Wall. The writer of the film utilised the music lyrics to convey different themes as represented in the original songs. Some of these include the themes of isolation, cruelty, insanity, fascism, and hard mentality as fashioned by the wall. Notably, throughout the film, there is an expression of a sad and brutal mood of the music as depicted by the author’s feelings in his school day poems. ...
181). While music metaphorically illustrates this social alienation, the film projects the character into the real emotional situation (Kaarki 2002, p. 184). There is an illustration of severe emotional suffering that revolves around the abyss of loss and isolation resulting from a fatherless childhood (due to his father’s death in the British war against Germany) and the domineering, overprotective, and phobia-filled love of his mother. As noted, Pink built a mental wall that would allow him to live a life free of the emotional troubles caused by the failing education system that concentrated on producing societal compliant sycophants, by police brutality, estranged marriage, and uncontrollable drug abuse (Pink Floyd, 1982 p. 67). Remarkably, not only does the film performance demonstrate the ability of the writer to describe the moods of the song, but it also evokes the emotions of the audience. Through the evaluation of the harmony of the film performance, viewers are able to realize the significance of the musical performance, which develops and maintains the psychological wall built by Pink to avoid his pain. Significantly, the film brings about a better understanding of the music’s themes with an illustrative depiction of the continuous problems as one runs away from their effects rather than finding solutions. The film, pink, matches the themes present in the music with the film performance, with insightful, enigmatic, and arresting images. Critics have been of the view that the lifestyle as described in the song perfectly suits the film with its spectacular ability to conjure captivating and memorable images that elicit lingering and powerful responses (Auslander 1998, p. 78). Moreover, the film has the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pink: The Wall and the Who: Quadrophenia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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