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Scotland became part of the union after a series of border battles with England. The most significant war that would earmark the actual defeat and…
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How should Scotland vote
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Download file to see previous pages All political activities and operations transferred to London after the agreement. In 1880s, 1913 and 1979, Scotland unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate for its independence. Continued agitation for independence led to the reestablishment of Scottish parliament in 1999. The parliament would make its own policies and exercise its legal powers but had to be financially dependent on London. The dominance of the Scottish National Party (SNP) led by Alex Salmond in the Scottish parliament after the 2011 election worked to renew calls for independence (McLean & Lodge 2013, pg. 2). The push for independence succeeded on October 2012 when Alex Salmond and David Cameron signed the Edinburg agreement that will allow for September 18, 2014 referendum vote. Considering various economic, political and social issues, Scotland should vote “No” to secession.
Scotland has been a member of the UK for over 300 years and this quantifies the great level of attachment to British. In fact, it is currently difficult to isolate real English from Scottish considering the great freedom of movement and operations of citizens of the two associate countries. According to McLean and Lodge (2013, pg. 3), London oversees most of international politics, economic and security operations and concerns of Scotland. This means that secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom will lead to serious setback for the Scottish. Most of the arguments presented by pro-independence led by Alex Salmond have been vague every time when subject to critical analysis. The need to enjoy economic freedom and control of Scottish internal affairs is unquantifiable considering that many Scots currently enjoy significant economic prosperity and hope under the umbrella of the British union. There is a hidden obsession by the Scottish political class to control the Northern Sea Oil and taxes collected in Scotland (McLean & Lodge 2013, pg. 3). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Should Scotland Vote Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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