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To what extent is an individual's vote the result of a multiplicity of factors - Coursework Example

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It does not rely on one factor alone. British voters make their choices by evaluating the performance of parties and party leaders in the economic and other important…
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To what extent is an individuals vote the result of a multiplicity of factors
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Extract of sample "To what extent is an individual's vote the result of a multiplicity of factors"

Download file to see previous pages The political campaigns that are conducted by the different parties during the electioneering period also have their stake in influencing how an individual will cast their vote. It is clear that the voting process must have evolved from when people were voting according to class up to the place where voting is purely based on personal judgment and assessment of the party’s policies and the leader. In doing this, will trace the history of voting in Britain. It is going to cover the alignment era of 1940s to 1970s, giving a keen look at how electioneering activities were ran during that period. The essay will also examine the de-alignment era that began from the 1070s onwards, proceeding the alignment era (Denver, 2007 P. 22). The conclusion of the paper will an analysis of the factors that influence voting in the modern day, and specifically look at some recent elections that were conducted in Britain.
During this period, voting in the UK was greatly influenced by such factors as social class, family, local community, gender, age, ethnicity, region and religion (Persson, 2000 P. 54). The era between 1940- 1970 can be referred to one characterized by party identification and class voting. There were mainly two major parties that dominated the party system at that time. These were the Conservative and the Labor Parties. There patterns of voting was relatively stable as there was minimum switching of political allegiance (Weibull, 1987 P. 52 ). The people were not very much inquisitive and they went by the current wave of their fellow mates in the social class. The stability could have been attributed to the image that the voters attached to the party of their choice rather than the policies which it upheld. The affiliates cared really less about the policies. Party identification was mainly obtained from social class, parental political party adherence, and the nature of local community, the region that one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To What Extent Is an individual'S Vote the Result of a Multiplicity of Coursework.
“To What Extent Is an individual'S Vote the Result of a Multiplicity of Coursework”, n.d.
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