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Why should Schotland become independent - Essay Example

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The country has its capital city at Edinburgh. It has a population of 5.295 million according to a 2011 statistics. The quest for Scotland’s independence is a historical milestone…
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Why should Schotland become independent
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Download file to see previous pages ttish voted unanimously for the devolution of powers, which meant that despite Scotland being part of the UK, its government gained new more powers such as control of health care and education and in the first time a Scottish parliament (Pruitt, 2014). The quest for independence continued with the election of Alex Salmond in 2007 and subsequent re-election in 2011, which led to the approval of the 2014 independence referendum to end the 307- year old union with the UK even though the SNP party under the leadership of Alex did not win as anticipated. However, some of the major as to why Scotland should be independent include efforts to stop the mass nuclear weapon building, establish Scotland’s democracy, create opportunities for its citizens, end unfairness, and because it has capacity to support it operation.
As with democracy, it means that it will endow Scotland self-determination ability and will possess full power in decision making in terms of political affairs. Such was the strong stand held by Salmond in May 2012, when he often stated; the Scottish people living in Scotland are better positioned to make the choices that affect Scotland (Carrell and team, 2014). The pro-independence campaigns by the proponents of the Scotland self-rule often stated that the union had a democratic deficit because United Kingdom is a unitary state and lacks a codified constitution. This deficit has often been used to refer to a period between the 1979 and 1997 United Kingdom elections, during when even though the Labour party holding majority seats in house, the Conservative Party ruled the entire UK. In reference to the instance, Alex Salmond said that such situations amounted to the lack of democracy and added that the Scottish people need to have the right choice for Scotland (, 2014).
Another reason for the independence quest is that with an independent Scotland, it will be easy to address the removal of the Trident nuclear weapons. The aftermath ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Should Schotland Become Independent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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