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When it come introduction of a new product in the market or to increase awareness of an existing product in the market, advertisement is the correct and effective channel to use. Advertisement has significant roles both to the consumer and to the producer.
When it comes to the…
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Advertisement Analysis
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Advertisement Analysis Outer line II. Introduction When it come introduction of a new product in the market or to increase awareness of an existing product in the market, advertisement is the correct and effective channel to use. Advertisement has significant roles both to the consumer and to the producer.
III. Body
1. For any advertisement to have immense impact in attracting potential clients ought to have an aspect of appealing.
a) This is by putting into action varied aspects differently from those of competitors in the same field or line of production.
b) Effectiveness of the appeals to consumers
2. Modes of advertising used in relation to the product being advertised in order to appeal to the intended customers
a. Relevance of mode of advertising to the product being advertised
b. Relevance of mode of advertising to the targeted audience
3. Modes of persuasion in respect to the  Rhetorical Triangle to appeal to the targeted audiences (Borchers).
a. Component of the Rhetorical Triangle that make any form of advertisement effective
i. Ethos, how it facilitate advertisement and appeal to the audiences
ii. How Pathos as a component of Rhetorical Triangle contributes to advertisement and appeal to the targeted audiences
iii. How Logos as an element of Rhetorical Triangle facilitates the process of advertisement and appeal to the audiences
b. How  application Rhetorical Triangle best appeal to the consumer
c. Collective application of Rhetorical Triangle for the success of an advertisement
d. An example of an advertisement that has applied Rhetorical Triangle and its components, and has successfully appealed to its intended costumers effectively
e. Analysis of the significant roles played by Rhetorical Triangle in the advertisement.
i. Strength of Rhetorical Triangle in the advertisement to appeal to targeted consumers
ii. Weakness observed in the application of Rhetorical Triangle in the particular advertisement and how intended message did not appeal to the intended consumers.
iii. Corrective measure that have to be adopted to enhance application of Rhetoric Triangle in advertisement.
III Conclusion
When it comes to the introduction of a new product in the market or increase awareness of an existing item in the market, advertisement is the correct and effective channel to use. Advertisement has significant roles both to the consumer and to the producer. For effective advertisement strategies, the producer has to find the right strategy that will best suit their advertising needs. Various advertisement strategies appeal differently to the consumer. It is important to choose an advertisement strategy that will go in line with the product being advertised. A good example of an advertisement strategy is the one that make use of the Rhetorical Triangle to best appeal to the consumers. The three components of Rhetorical Triangle that are out into consideration in regards to appeals made by the advertiser include Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. In order to appeal to a large pool of clientele, the message intended for advertisement has to meet specific specifications. The message has to originate from the sender pass through suitable channel to the intended audiences. When considering advertising, it is essential to take into consideration the product being advertised. This is because a different products appeal to the consumer’s in diverse ways. The reason behind applying strategies that will result to bringing more clients is for the enterprise to attain big market share coupled with evading stiff competition. This is especially from the same players whereby due to employee retention predicament may lead moving of employees to the already established corporation. The application of Rhetorical Triangle is significant because it enhance advertisement appeal to the intended consumer.
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