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Learning to Look - Essay Example

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The Aquafina is a flavored water product which is branded into different brands in order to attract variety of the products. The advert has been put on Teen Ink magazine which is read by millions of young…
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Learning to Look
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Extract of sample "Learning to Look"

Advertisement Analysis Link to the advert: http Source The advert involve Aquafina product which is a product of Pepsi Company. The Aquafina is a flavored water product which is branded into different brands in order to attract variety of the products. The advert has been put on Teen Ink magazine which is read by millions of young people in different parts of the world. The advert was in 19th magazine of 2008. It was on the first page of the magazine in order to attract attention of the readers.
Form analysis
The shape of the product looks more appealing and easy to handle without the risk of the bottle slipping away. The bottle has a thin holding part which enables the users to handle the product with ease. This feature makes it be more attractive to youth who participates in various activities such as games. Secondly, the products come in various colors in order to satisfy the interests of diverse range of customers. Different customers prefer products that have been branded using specific colors. In order to satisfy all market segments, Pepsi Company has branded the products using ribbons of different colors. Third, the products have been packed using different masses. This is to cater for different age groups ranging from small children to adults. Fourth, the bottle surface is rough rather than smooth an aspect that would make it not to slip from the hands of the users. Lastly, the products have been presented in different forms. These include unflavored and flavored water. This makes the customer to select his/her choice of the product (MacRury 2009).
Three principles of art are well represented in this advert. First, art principle that is represented is repetition. The name Aquafina has been repeated in all related products. This makes the products to be distinct. Secondly, an aspect of variety is seen through the advert. The company has advertised variety of the products in order to attract different parts of the customers. In addition, this is aimed at increasing the market size. Lastly, the principle of unity is also well presented. All products are presented in one magazine an aspect that creates a unifying factor towards the products. This plays a very great role in segmenting the market.
The product being advertised is refreshment. It has been advertised in youth magazine as a result, the major target of the advert is the teenagers. The text accompanying the product is simple to understand an aspect that makes the readers understand the use of the product. The clear image characterizes the product as of high quality and healthy for human consumption. This would attract more customers to test the product an aspect that would create customer loyalty (MacRury 2009).
The main role of the ad is to attract new customers towards the product and remind the existing customers concerning the product. The advert will achieve its main goal putting the mind that the magazine is read by millions of young generation across the world. This means that new customers are likely to consume the products. What works in the ad is that is simple to comprehend due to the clarity of the image, its size and location of the ad in the magazine (MacRury 2009).
MacRury, I. (2009). Advertising. London: Routledge. Read More
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Learning to Look Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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