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Sensory evaluation of food - Assignment Example

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Sensory evaluation is the science that refers to the measurement and study of evaluation of food and drink items on the basis of their texture, taste, temperature, odor and appearance. Sensory analysis is performed with different purposes. Sensory evaluation would help discover…
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Sensory evaluation of food
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Download file to see previous pages Sensory evaluation is sometimes done to label a product as acceptable or unacceptable. Sensory evaluation gives information about the typical characteristics of the food product or any of its ingredients so that any necessary change can be made to the food item or any ingredient can be avoided or replaced. A sensory analysis on a final product or newly introduced product would judge whether the food item is in line with its original specification. Feedback is collected after sensory evaluation so that any small or big amendment may be made to improve the product. Further evaluation would include the analysis of the food properties. Properties of the food and its ingredients are scientifically measured. These measured scientific properties are analyzed and interpreted to get the results.
Sensory analysis would tell how the assessed food item is perceived through the five senses. Appearance, taste, smell, touch and hearing are the five factors that are used as parameters to analyze the food item. The color of the food item, its smell, its taste, its physical nature and sound would grade it. The color of a food item would reveal some of its properties. For example, deep fried items and those with artificial color would reveal its nature through its color. The smell of gravy will reveal the presence of absence of spices in it. Taste of a food item would disclose majority of its ingredients. Taste would reveal what is included and what is missing. As we touch a cake we will understand how much cream is used for making it. If you want to test a piece of banana or potato chips you just need to bite it once. Sensory evaluation would thus give complete analysis of a food item.
Sensory evaluation is very much required for newly developed products. Sensory analysis would check whether a newly developed product is unique or comparable to another product of same range. Some products may be complete imitations of another product which is already established. Some may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sensory Evaluation of Food Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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