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Sensory Evaluation of Food - Goat vs Cow Youghourt - Assignment Example

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This paper highlights that sensory science was developed to ensure that consumer products meet standards. Yogurt is a product of milk. We will concentrate on two types of yogurt from cow and goats milk. Yogurt is healthier than milk itself hence an important part of our diet. …
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Sensory Evaluation of Food - Goat vs Cow Youghourt
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Download file to see previous pages Descriptive analysis test was chosen for sensory analysis of these two types of milk product because they exhibited high tendency in it compared to other sensory analysis. The recommendation was based on their milk property rather than the property of their products.
Sensory science is a branch of science that studies the five senses of human being, smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight. Most of the human senses fall into this four categories namely, photoreception (sight), thermoception, mechanoreception (touch) and chemoreception (taste and smell). This study does not only categories physical stimuli as bad or good but it suggests assessment, analyses and takes to mean those mental reactions to physical stimuli. This field concentrates on how our physical body reacts to stimuli both external and internal. It purposes it to taste consumer products before being released onto the market. For this to be a success it has to have a panel consisting of both genders that are responsible for ensuring that the product has been evaluated. A lot of this corporation that deals in consumer products usually employees a team of professional panel to oversee that their product are up to consumer standard before released into the market.
For any company to have sensory evaluation team it must meet the following requirement and condition. It has to have sensory analysis software developed specifically for obtaining statistical values. Secondly, rooms should have booths to separate the panelist from each other when sensory evaluating a product. These booths should also meet ASTM standard and temperature of about 20oC. Lastly, they should have container designed for a variety of foods
The panels have three categories consist of groups that see to it that the product meets the consumer preference through branding and packaging. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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