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Sensory Perceptions - Essay Example

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Further, these nerves carry the relevant responses from the brain to the relevant body muscles to bring about the necessary…
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Sensory Perceptions
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Extract of sample "Sensory Perceptions"

Sensory Perceptions Sensory Perceptions The human body operates under the instructions of millions of sensory nerves, which carry information from the environment to the brain (Karp, 2009). Further, these nerves carry the relevant responses from the brain to the relevant body muscles to bring about the necessary movements, which result from subsequent relaxation and contraction of muscles. At times, issues arise on whether people should trust the sensory information from the environment, or they should rely on other rational ways of gathering information from the environment to the brain (Chaudhuri, 2011). This brief overview will examine the sensory perceptions and the factors that affect the authenticity and believability of information from the sensory nerves.
Several reasons make people trust their sensory information and believe this information to be true. For instance, in the event that one places his hand on a hot charcoal or pot, the feeling sense sends an impulse to the brain, and one removes the hand from the hot object before it is badly burnt (Miller, 2008). Further, the sense of smell is always accurate, and one can rely on that information to make informed decisions. The smell of smoke can indicate that an item is burning or that there is a fire burning somewhere.
There is no reason for one to question the accuracy of the sense of smell. Furthermore, human sense of sight provides reliable information concerning the nature and appearance of the environment that surrounds people (Chaudhuri, 2011). For instance, if an individual sees a person running in the field, there is no doubt that indeed that person is running. Further, one cannot be doubtful of the fact that his eyes can see that there is a heavy down pour in the neighborhood.
On the contrary, sensory information can be inaccurate in several ways. For instance, past experiences influence the interpretation of the sensory information and end up giving wrong information to the person who is observing a situation (Chaudhuri, 2011). It is possible for a person with past unpleasant experience of infidelity to misunderstand a woman she notices speaking to her husband. Further, the sensory nerves do not perceive hidden things, and if people rely on this information, they might end up in danger. For instance, the eyes might not spot a thug hiding behind a tree, and one might make wrong judgments that one can walk in the street at night safely (Miller, 2008). The final reason that makes sensory information inaccurate is that people never interpret data from the sensory organs accurately since there is the likelihood for error.
Health affects the accuracy of data from the sensory organ. People with sound health perceive things more accurately than sick people. The other factor is soberness; people who are intoxicated experience blurred vision and thus cannot record accurate sensory data. Age can also be regarded as a factor that affects the accuracy of data from sensory organs (Miller, 2008). Young children do not perceive any accurate information that can be useful in any interpretation, and this also applies to the aged.
Nature describes the biological being of people, which cannot be changed as it is engraved in the genetic makeup of human beings. Nature encompasses the natural sensory nerves, which record information without any bias (Karp, 2009). However, nurture describes the trained aspect and the socialized part of perception that is influenced by the socializing agents and the environment in which an individual lives. Therefore, sensory information in response to nature is undistorted, and it does not vary from person to person.
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Sensory Perceptions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 12.
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