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The Sensitivity and Importance of Sensory in the Evaluation of Food: Influences Marketing of Organic Products - Literature review Example

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The paper describes the sensitivity and importance of sensory in the evaluation of food have received a lot of attention from numerous articles and books. Sensory experiences play a significant role in influencing the perceptions and expectations of consumers…
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The Sensitivity and Importance of Sensory in the Evaluation of Food: Influences Marketing of Organic Products
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Extract of sample "The Sensitivity and Importance of Sensory in the Evaluation of Food: Influences Marketing of Organic Products"

Download file to see previous pages According to Asioli, Canavari, and Pignatti (2011), sensory experiences play a significant role in influencing the perceptions and expectations of consumers and this by effect influences the marketing of organic products. The report was done through questionnaires answered by organic producers whose concentration of sensory tests were limited to empirical regulations as opposed to the involvement of trained personnel despite the increased need for the provision of sensory information to consumers. Sensory attributes have been noted to have a significant impact on consumer choice of products (Nollet, 2004). The authors recognize the need for the development of sensory tests with scientific credibility on organic food for the health and satisfaction of different consumers with varied tastes and preferences. The challenge of the adoption of sensory tastes is identified as the high costs accrued by small companies and as such inability in the conduction of sufficient sensory tests. Clark (2002) examines the role that is played by the flavor and taste of food on consumers’ choice and acceptance as two important sensory elements. The paper examines the importance of the two elements on the development and improvement of food products as producers strive to understand and meet the needs of consumers. Consumption of food is based on the need for maintaining healthy bodies, but it is important to note that consumers might forego healthy food products and opt for food they enjoy (Clark, 2002). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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