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The Human-Computer Interface - Assignment Example

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Human-computer interaction refers to the communication, contact, and relations between human beings and computers (Bourg and Bywalec, 2013). It is imperative to note that there…
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The Human-Computer Interface
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Download file to see previous pages Bourg and Bywalec (2013) defines haptic feedback as "The method of including physical feedback to assist a user in interacting with entirely virtual objects" (p. 411). Every gadget in todays world functions with the use of computerized systems. Haptic feedbacks can either be in form of vibrations or senses that identify the location of the objects or bodies, as well as movements. Haptic feedback in form of vibrations is used mainly in touch-screen mobile phones whereby the phones vibration system recognizes a touch on the screen by the user (Bourg and Bywalec, 2013). In essence, the touch-screen mobile phone to some extent vibrates in order to substitute for a typical or ordinary physical reaction from a push button. In terms of senses, Bourg and Bywalec (2013) emphasizes that haptic feedback is used in the creation of joysticks to play games. In games, haptic feedback is used to alert the player when an incident or episode has taken place. In some games in fact, the player can even be wobbled by the joystick to symbolize the happening of an incident. It is worth noting that haptic feedback is a vital constituent imperative in human-computer interface, and it as well needed for its effectiveness and minimization of inaccuracies or miscalculations in computerized gadgets (Bourg and Bywalec, 2013).
Memory is regarded as one of the vital functions of the human mind. There are three types of human memory and they are grouped on the basis of the length of preservation or how long the memory is withheld in the brain. These three types of human memory according to Kumar (2005) include "Sensory memory, short0term memory, and long-term memory" (p. 115). In comparison, sensory memory denotes memory roughly at the instant it is professed while short-term memory refers to the sensory memory that manages to pass through to the sensory stockpile for storage. Long-term memory on the other hand is memory refers to the information that can be repossessed in a matter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Human-Computer Interface Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2.
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