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Computing technologies are basically changing the way we interact with our world today. These technologies are applied everywhere from websites, mobile devices, visualizations, games and even personal computers…
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HCI Design Project: Interface Design Description
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HCI Design Project: Interface Design Number: Lecturer: HCI Design Project: Interface Design In the current era, computing technology is actually ubiquitous. Computing technologies are basically changing the way we interact with our world today. These technologies are applied everywhere from websites, mobile devices, visualizations, games and even personal computers. Consequently, humans have to interact with this computing technology in order to accomplish their day to day tasks. Therefore, the effectiveness of these devices is dependent on the ability to communicate with the users in a user friendly, convenient and effective way. This is entirely dependent on the human computer interface design in these devices.
This project is a proposal to design a human computer interface for an electronic commerce system. Online commercial platforms such as Amazon and e-bay must have reliable, effective and efficient interfaces to enable users to make orders for particular goods and make payments with much confidence.
This interface will have several sections that will include registration where the user is required to submit personal details, contact details and payment details. This section will be clustered to minimize cognitive load on the users’ side. The use of forms and input boxes for entering information will make it easier for the users to provide the required information.
Additionally, records of items in stock must be kept and displayed accordingly. Therefore, another form that will be used for record keeping will be designed. The interface will have sections for item details and the necessary description that is crucial for the customer to make a decision. The Items will be displayed in form of pictures arranged in categories such as electronics, clothing, utensils, cars among others. The pictorials will be accompanied by minimal textual descriptions to enable the user to have a correct perception of the items to purchase.
Once the client chooses an item to purchase they are taken to another form where payment is processed. The client simply clicks buy or purchase and the payment details they provided is used to make payments and items delivered to address provided on the personal details section.
Heim, S. (2008). The Resonant Interface : HCI Foundations for Interaction Design. Carlifornia: Pearson/Addison Wesley. Read More
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