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Mobile Devices & Applications - Lab Report Example

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With the recent advances in mobile technologies and standards as well as the growing population of mobile users has generated tremendous interests in the development of robust mobile designs and computing applications. However, the emerging nature of mobile computing has placed…
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Mobile Devices & Applications
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Download file to see previous pages ristics including unpredictable values and adoption rate uncertainties, network effect uncertainties, as well as unobvious cost and impact characteristics. We expect mobile computing technologies to exhibit the same characteristics. This paper explores the status of mobile development and emerging standards. In particular, we examine mobile design and HCI techniques, 4 Generation technologies, the concept of mobile sensors and technology utilization, as well as trends on mobile applications and possible future directions in their development. The main objective is to identify discernable trends in mobile computing technologies and develop insights on how Emerging Technology Group can promote mobile development projects run by ECC-Mobile Ltd using established development techniques and methodologies.
Human-commuter interaction (HCI) designs aims to develop creative interactions that maximize user experience. Creating interactive HCI for mobile devices is an open problem attempting to create powerful mobile computing services and resources via small interfaces. The main challenges in designing HCI for mobile devices relate to both hardware and software challenges. Hardware challenges relate to the limitations in size and weight of mobile devices in consideration of portability purpose of such devices (Huang, 2009).
Challenges for hardware interaction design for mobile devices include the problem of limited input facilities, limited output features and designing for mobility (Huang, 2009). Currently, mobile devices use three primary input facilities: keyboard, touch screen stylus, and scroll wheel. The challenge with mobile device keyboards emanates from the limited space for key installation. While stylus and touch screen are good alternatives in smartphones, if the screen is small users’ finger can occlude graphical phone elements. Lastly, scroll wheel provides a suitable solution to the problem of input facilities in smartphones (Huang, 2009).
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Mobile Devices & Applications Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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