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Achievement of the American dream among immigrants in the United States has challenges because of the high living standards in the country. In addition, most of the immigrants…
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Analytical Brief : movie: Avalon TriStar pictures 1982
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The ‘Avalon film’ and the American Dream The American Dream The American dream involves personal fulfilment through hardwork and commitment to the society. Achievement of the American dream among immigrants in the United States has challenges because of the high living standards in the country. In addition, most of the immigrants presume that the process of achieving the American dream is easy. The movie highlights the American dream as the main motivator of the success among various Americans in the society (Avalon). In addition, it entails the ideology of maintaining a simple, but enjoyable lifestyle in United States. Most immigrants from developing countries move to America in order to establish themselves both socially and economically.
The movie reflects the American dream as the main contributor to family disunity among the immigrants in the society. According to the film, the idea of the American dream motivates individuals among the immigrants’ population to venture into entrepreneurship in order to enhance their lifestyles. For example, Jule and his cousin venture into a discounted electronic business to achieve financial security and stability. Moreover, Ann adopts the American lifestyle, which enables her to interact effectively with the Americans. The film identifies hard work as an integral factor of the American dream. This factor is crucial because the dream entails attainment of proper living standards, which require adequate finances (Avalon).
Positive and Negative Influences of the American Dream
Immigrants from different parts of the world move to America in order to enhance their lifestyles through acquisition of good jobs. In addition, the American dream enables people to perceive life differently in United State. Sam, a Polish Jew moves to America alongside his wife, son and various relatives in order to establish his wallpaper business. Most of the Sam’s family members are optimistic about the American dream, which is not real. There are various positive and negative aspects of the American as reflected on the movie, ‘Avalon’. The American dream triggers hard work among various individuals in the society. Jule establishes a discounted electronic shop alongside his cousin in order to achieve financial stability in the society (Avalon). The desire for a successful life in America enables various immigrants from the Sam’s community to establish themselves well in United States. For example, Izzy learns various skills such as driving in order to fit in the American social setup. The American dream also leads to various developments in the society such education, cars and the television.
Jule’s children attend the school in Baltimore in order to acquire relevant skills in the society. In addition, most of the individuals in the Sam’s family manage to establish a comfortable lifestyle for their children in the American society. On the other hand, the American dream affects the social setup among the immigrants in United States. Sam’s family promote social unity by organising various cultural events together. Moreover, the dream destroys the social values of the immigrants. Most members of the Sam’s family engage in different activities in America and forget the responsibility of taking care of the parents. In addition, the kids engage in various immoral activities, which are against the norms of Sam’s community (Avalon).
Current Trends of the American Dream
The American dream presently entails the creation of wealth in order to enhance an individual’s lifestyles. Persons from different parts of the world move to United States in order to obtain good jobs in their respective careers. In addition, immigrants move to America to establish a peaceful lifestyle in order to create avenues for the creation of wealth. The current situation of the involve enhancement of living standards through creation of employment, education and exploiting various talents.
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