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Mask - Movie Review Example

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Movie Critique Mask (1985) [Your Name] [University] [Instructor Name] Summary The plot of the movie “Mask” covers the last year of life of a 15 year old boy, Rocky Dennis, who suffers from a very rare type of disease called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia (CDD)…
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Download file to see previous pages The disease is extremely rare and thought to occur in about every 1 in 22 million children. Rocky lived in Los Angeles in 1979 with his mom, Rusty, who is a free spirit and cheerfully irresponsible woman who hangs around with a motorcyclists. Rusty wanted to give her son a completely normal life despite of her disabilities and very soon her boyfriends also start to help her in taking care of her son. Rocky had a hobby of collecting baseball cards and he also saved money to travel Europe with his friend Ben on motorcycle. When trying to get Rocky admission in a new school, Rusty was persuasively refused and advised by the principle to get Rocky admitted in a special school that can help him in a better way. But Rusty was determined to get her son a normal child’s life and schooling so she insisted and very soon Rocky was allowed admission in school because of his excellence in old school. Early in his new school, Rocky’s classmate used to stare at him with amazement due to deformity, and asked him to take his mask off. But Rocky won their hearts by his witty and clever sense of humor. Rocky’s grades were among the best students of the school and very soon he started giving tuitions to his fellow students at $3. The principle who first tried to disown him also appreciated the hard work and intelligences of Rocky who was progressing very well. The principal then offered him a job as a counselor on the summer camp for blind junior students. T first Rocky was not sure what to do but he accepted the job later. Rocky’s mother used to leave him and stay away for several hours with her motorcycle gang. She was depressed most of the times but she tried to keep herself positive and away from all fears & worries by using drugs and alcohol. Rocky hated it so he tried to break her bad habit. At times during the movie Rocky is also seen upset when for example he realizes that because of his facial deformity he couldn’t ever enjoy the pleasure of having girlfriend. During his camp side job, Rocky meet a very beautiful girl names Diana. She was blind since birth and could not see, but feels his deformity. Rocky and Diana spent time together and falling in love. Rocky taught her the meaning of descried words like pillowy, cloudy, red and blue colors. It became apparent that Diana’s parent were not pleased by Rocky’s presence so they were being overprotective of their daughter and tried to keep Rocky away from her. Diana was then sent to a boarding school to finish her one semester. Diana and Rocky promised to stay true to each other. One night when Rusty threw up a party to cheer Rocky up, he went to sleep early claiming that he has a bad headache. In the morning Rusty discovered that he had died in his sleep. She mourned and was very upset. As Rocky is buried, one of Rusty’s friend arranges the set of baseball cards on his tombstone. Theory The analysis of Rocky’s development throughout the movie and how his disability and deformity retarded his psychosocial and psychological development can be well understood by relating it to the following theories: Erickson’s psychosocial theory Freud’s psychoanalytic theory Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory 1. Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory Freud proposed theories that signified the importance of events and experiences during childhood and focused on mental disorders rather than normal functioning. According to Freud theory of child development, a person’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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