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Risk Management in Practice (an air-monitoring programme is planned) - Essay Example

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In order to establish and sustain a healthy and safe working environment, the identification and quantification of the present air contaminants is essential through an air…
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Download file to see previous pages Sick building symptom has no particular contributing factors associated except in cases of carbon monoxide headaches or eye irritation with formalydehyde. Other symptoms of sick building syndrome include cough, malaise, fatigue, chest tightness, and eye and mucus lining irritation.
Although some of these symptoms are linked to stress and perception of air quality, significant sources like bioaerosols and synergism of two or more chemicals are also contributing factors since symptoms are relieved upon leaving the buiding (NC employees’ workplace program requirements for safety and health, n.d). Multiple chemical syndrome is demonstrated in employees who demonstrate a combination of symptoms which include fatigue, dejection, petulance, headaches, food bigotry and gastrointestinal distress. Although factories are recommended to have air monitoring programs to monitor the condition of air within the factory, there are potential limitations. This paper explores the potential limitations in air monitoring with respect to contact assessment and offers ways on how to trounce these limitations. In addition, the paper compares the results of exposure to other hygiene standards.
The two main approaches used to identify and quantify airborne contaminants are direct-reading instruments for onsite use and air samples laboratories analysis (Lippitt, Webb & Martin, 2000). Direct reading instruments serve factory employers and employees with early warnings especially in case of a leak or an accident that could result to elevation of a given chemical concentration. Using direct reading instruments is however limited to the fact that only the qualitative data of specific classes of chemicals is detected and measured. This implies that this approach is not appropriate in providing qualitative data when there are multiple classes of contaminants in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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