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Five Essential Elements / Hurricane Andrew - Coursework Example

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Therefore, Hobfoll et al in their article, “Five Essential Elements of Immediate and Mid-Term Mass Trauma Intervention: Empirical Evidence”, have identified…
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Five Essential Elements / Hurricane Andrew
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Download file to see previous pages If a sense of safety can be promoted among this population, then mental disorders can decrease with time and can reduce the possibility of PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) even in continuous threatening situations. There are a number of medications to induce calming like anti-adrenergic agents and antidepressants. People can be calmed by providing them information on whether their families and friends are safe, and whether there is any impending danger. People should be helped in developing “adaptive cognitive and coping skills.” (Hobfoll et al, 302) The third principle includes self-efficacy which means people should be instilled with the belief that their own actions can lead to positive results. The common people should be allowed to participate in strategy making sessions to build self confidence. The fourth principle is promotion of connectedness which means “sustained attachments to loved ones and social groups in combating stress and trauma.” (Hobfolle et al, 296) Steps should be taken so that people can reunite with their lost family members during post disaster periods. The quantity, quality and frequency of the links between victims of disasters and their social support should be enhanced. The fifth principle is to instill hope because people who can retain positive outlook even after experiencing traumatic situations can enjoy favourable outcomes. Survivors of disasters should be helped to return to their houses and provided with employment opportunities so that they can resume their normal life (Hobfoll et al, 302-304).
The above principles are comprehensive in nature and have the ability to deal with the emotional trauma of all kinds of trauma victims. The need is to design these principles in a package that is suitable to the concerned community. The principles should fit the culture of the community and the type of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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