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Hurricanes - Essay Example

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The heat enables the air or the water vapour to rise with great speed then initiates to rotate counter-clockwise in twelve hours at which time span the formation…
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Extract of sample "Hurricanes"

Hurricanes Hurricanes are generated when the radiation of the sun heats tropical waters causing air to rise as it grows warmer. The heat enables the air or the water vapour to rise with great speed then initiates to rotate counter-clockwise in twelve hours at which time span the formation of winds may be expected to take place with greater strength and rate of whirling motion. Such movement may be classified as forming a light breeze with winds at slow pace, fresh breeze if slightly faster, and a high wind beyond this rate. As a result, when the moist warm air at the ocean surface evolves to meet the cooler land air, a 74-mph tropical storm known as the hurricane may come into being. The latent heat release brings about temperature increase for the cooler atmosphere above through condensation and since this occurs in cycle, humidity of the warm ocean air augments and blends with the accumulating storm that eventually becomes the hurricane. Scientific studies also attribute the creation of a hurricane from elevated wind speed due to atmosphere at higher altitudes where high pressure exists as well.
Global warming via greenhouse gases naturally impacts oceans, such as the North Atlantic and the northern Indian ocean, with rise in temperature, thereby contributing to the change which favors strengthening of storms with wind speeds that could reach the maximum. Under these circumstances, hurricanes may be produced significantly whenever the wind shear profile, not necessarily the water temperature, gains an advantage through the global warming which normally enhances to the huge quantity of energy exchanged between the ocean and the air on its top. Consequently, “As water warms, the ability of water to evaporate goes up, and a greater evaporation rate will produce a more intense hurricane” according to MIT meteorologist Kerry Emanuel.
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Hurricanes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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