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Arabic civilization - Essay Example

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The Arabic homeland is placed 5,000 miles from the Atlantic coast of North Africa, towards the west of the Arabian Sea, and from the Mediterranean Sea, it is placed in the north and to the central Africa, it is in the south. It is believed to cover an area close to 5.25 million…
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Arabic civilization
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Download file to see previous pages The aspect of the average density population has little effect to its Arab world since the significant human settlement is found where there is adequate water supply (Wischenbart, 2011). The high rate of illiteracy, lack of up-to-date statistics and information, distorted balance of payments, low purchasing power, and low level of technological development are the due factors that have made Arabs fail to develop in as required in the market book. This statement is well analyzed in this paper.
Cultural issues affect every market. The diversity of the culture determines the extent to which such affect the market. For instance, Arabs culture is divided into three main parts, the Urban, Rural, and the Nomad. As such, these cultures place a great significance in both the family and the community. Cultures associated with richness are, Arab art, music and philosophy, these have made great contribution to the development of different areas particularly, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, language, architecture among others have all benefited from Arab industry (Mazlish, 2004). The Arab world has contributed much to the world’s economy. However, this is seen to decline in the book market because they do not seem to abstain from some of their practices. They do not give jobs because of what you have but for who you are, freedom of expression between them is sharply limited as well as freedom of association unlike other countries. The quality of education has seen to be declining causing a clear mismatch between the labor market and the education system. Arabs cultural standard does not seem to allow their populations to buy books in a way that develops the book industry (Harabi, 2007).
The ballot box power transfer has never been adopted in which parts of the developing world are a common phenomenon. Bogus elections, confused executives and the judiciary, media constraints and on the civil society sometime ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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