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The problem taken by the author is one of Middle East History in the last 25 years; the political issues that let to a largely violent turn that was soon christened terrorism. The mercenaries who started as supporters of the west and slowly but steadily converted themselves to be anti US and UK…
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Middle East Politics
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Download file to see previous pages The author starts with a personal interview of Osama Bin Laden when he was constructing a road in Sudan. He contrasts this with his second interview with Bin Laden in Afghanistan when Sheikh Osama declares war on America and the Royal Family of the Saudi Arabia. The book, though a non-fiction, presents the entire sequence of the history with such aplomb that goes very well like a novel. The interest of the reader is held to the author's attention and slowly but steadily ensures that the points he raises sinks into the minds of the readers.
One of the typical issue that is being raised by the author is about the US aggressive nature and its allies trying to make out the best commercial benefit from the situation in the middle east rather than sort it out and restore normalcy. In addition to the situation this created, the author tries to explain the steps taken by the US government to enhance the level of confrontation in every area in the Middle East. In order to go with his theory, the author takes us through a short interlude on how the Bin Laden regime in Afghanistan originally supported and cultivated by Saudi Arabia and the United States, turned against them slowly and steadily after the Iraqi war.
The literary reviews that the author invokes during the course of the book are quite comprehensive and relevant. He refers to the Holocaust in Armenia and a number of other events which did not happen during the 30 years that the author is covering in the Middle East history. His comfortable knowledge of the various writings on the subject and on the historical happenings prior to the modern history of the Middle East has defined the way the book has flown. All along the book the author maintains his critical approach of the western politics and the steps taken by various governments of the west in increasing the instability of the region. The problems of today are more or less their own making by ignoring the earlier warnings on the horizon.
3. Methodology
The author has taken up a macro research on the political scene in the Middle East. He has successfully built a case to augment his originally theory, that of unwanted US interference in the Middle Eastern politics resulting in loss of face due to an erroneous statement in the parliament for Blair and Bush duo. Similarly, the resultant political scene after the Iraqi war and other reprehensible moves in the Middle East, the author says, that the amount of gains that the US and its allies got was slowly lost and the entire victory is now tending towards a loss for the US and allies. This has been further strengthened by the bad move of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. The author leads us to this story and tries to solidify the cause and effect of such an approach, including the people behind it and how this would benefit the American People, if at all it does and how this might help the men in the deserts of the Middle East.
The book has a hypothesis which the author does not say in so many words. But the hypothesis is underlying in the entire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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