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In the paper “Politics in the Middle East” the author characterizes the region of the Middle East as one characterized by extreme violent. The whole region in each respective country is either facing an internal war or in conflict with another nation. …
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Politics in the Middle East
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Politics in the Middle East
In a discussion relating to the politics of the Middle East, a reporter of ‘The Guardian,’ Ian Black in 2014 compiled a report that characterizes the region as one characterized by extreme violent. The whole region in each respective country is either facing an internal war or in conflict with another nation. Starting with Iraq, Black (2014) notes that the country is in a state of war for another time after conquered swaths territory fell to the hands of the Sunni jihads. In Syria, a country placed to Iraq’s next door, the country is in state of war with the government trying to fight Islamic terrorist group that declared the nation an Islamic State. These two nations serve as only a representative of the political state of Middle East as all the other nations face a challenge of war in one way or another.
Through focusing on respective political scenarios within the member countries within the Middle East, Black (2015) reveals the reasons behind political instability that the nations experience. In Iraq, political instability started after a provocation of Shia Prime Minister to the minority Sunnis, a community that enjoyed recognition and protection under Saddam Hussein. That led to counter reaction and eventually and the current deplorable situation. In Iran on the other hand, the domestic politics remain complex with issues like the contentious nuclear program leads to instability. Furthermore, the president supports the Syrian president against ISS that exposes Iraq to risks of attack from the terrorist group.
Black (2014) presents Syria political condition as the worst of all in the nations found in the Middle East region. The declaration of ISS of Syria as an Islamic State led to outbreak of war between the government and forces that backs it from Iran and the militiamen of Shia from Iraq. It is evident that efforts to eliminate the group remain far from bearing fruits. The impact however, proves more devastating with lost lives accounting to over one hundred and fifty civilians while immigrating civilians have led to creation of refugees’ crisis across Europe. Lebanon equally suffers mostly as a result of war in Syria and the existence of a deeply fractured polity that the nation enjoys. As a result of Lebanon’s president defense to the Syrian president, tension remains high as the Sunni community reacts violently. War in Syria affects Jordan as more than six hundred refugees joined the country. Furthermore, tensions remain high with the political leaders of Jordan wary of Isis appealing to disaffected Sunnis. Turkey on the other hand provides support to anti-Assad rebels, but still worried about Isis as well as the independence of Kurdish (Black, 2014). Although the Syrian war affects Israel and Palestine minimally, the two nations’s deep rooted conflicts over region boarders continue every year. The Palestinian Hamas continue to conduct offensive attacks on Israel army and civilians with Israel responding through deadly attacks. The deep-rooted conflict between the two nations seems a thing that will continue to attract attacks from each side. Saudi Arabia is equally under threat for its involvement in funding Sunni rebels both in Syria and Iraq.
In conclusion, the report by Black (2014) portrays the politics of Middle East as coupled by wars and instability in the recent past. It is evident that the political situation across all nations within the region remains shaky as a result of wars the regions faces.

Black, I. (2014, August 4). A guide to Middle East politics in 2014 | World news | The Guardian. Retrieved from Read More
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