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Create advertising development - Essay Example

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In preparation for course work 2, I am focusing on the same organization brief on Unilever brands for course work 1 to develop and deliver a final advertising execution using the following advisements materials such as a poster, print press and magazines. In critical evaluation…
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Create advertising development
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Download file to see previous pages Again, millions of people in the world today are enjoying an exceptionally wide range of products offered by Unilever in all segments of retail from food to cleaning materials.
The final executing materials form the online advertisements shows that Lipton is one of the largest refreshments brands in the world. It delivers the best in the sell of tea brands and currently is available in more than hundred countries (Blanchard and Ben 2012). This shows that it is one of the leading companies in the world. Lipton offers an array of tea based drinks from tealeaf bags and Lipton ice tea soft drinks. Critical evaluation of the rain forest alliance certified tea farms shows that there is a commitment of sustainability where by Lipton tea bags come from rainforest alliance certified farms by the year 2015. This means that there is an assurance of tea which is sourced from farms which respect good conservation practices and payments on fair wages to the labor as far as harvesting is concerned.
Consideration to this information is that it offers a wide range of tea products with different tastes, options and preference and still on the same; the product focuses on innovation on strong brands. Lipton aims to have all the tea sold in turkey by 2018 which is fifth largest producer of tea in the world, and it will be sourced from accredited farms. The above information is gotten from online because I wanted to know the current and clear information about Unilever brand.
Presently, the target products on mass markets are generally positioned in the middle of the tea price. Most of branded teas of Lipton’s are bled and selected from many different plantations around the world like Kenya and china which are well known countries producers.
Critical evaluation of initial searches for information shows that Lipton global market shares outstanding brand available in 110 countries (Porters et al 2004. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Create Advertising Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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