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McDonalds Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability - Research Paper Example

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This makes Mc Donald’s influential in people’s daily diets and food consumption habits. The core components of a McDonald’s diet are crisp lettuce, pure beef, chicken, fresh eggs…
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McDonalds Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
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Extract of sample "McDonalds Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability"

Download file to see previous pages The company provides food for the public and tries to fulfill this service in an ethical way that takes socially and environmentally friendly approaches. The firm’s core values are to provide nutritional wellbeing, environmental responsibility, create a sustainable food supply chain, provide employment and contribute positively to the community. The main aim from each of these values is to provide quality services at each stage of production. The company provides fresh food, using ethical means and productive partnerships (“Social Responsibility”). The company has also provided employment for individuals in 117 countries in the world. This reduces the unemployment rate and improves people’s living conditions in the community. The company’s menu caters for approximately 1,900 customers in different restaurants across the country (“Social Responsibility”).
McDonalds is one of the most successful businesses in the world. It is the most popular foodservice provider in the world and has one of the highest returns on the stock market (Singh). The company has a good reputation and tries to maintain this by listening to the customer’s needs and catering for them in every way possible. The company is committed to the community and the customers and puts their needs first. Each year the company aims to enhance its sustainability efforts. The stakeholders in the company implement the best possible strategies, with the aim of finding new opportunities and setting new targets to advance and improve the company.
The company has implemented numerous sustainability programs and policies. The company has tried to work together with partners at different stages of food production to improve the conditions of the employees. In 2007 Mc Donald’s set a goal and implemented measures to improve the working conditions of employees in the Florida Tomato industry. The company only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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