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Health in East London: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham - Essay Example

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However, while this is an important connection, one always gains control over the other. One such relationship is that existing…
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Health in East London: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham
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Extract of sample "Health in East London: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham"

Download file to see previous pages The incidence of tuberculosis in the world currently is diminished in comparison to the 19th Century. In the United Kingdom, for example, the beginning of the 19th Century marked a period with the highest number of tuberculosis cases reported. This number reduced drastically, especially with the introduction of new measures against tuberculosis like the BCG immunization (Frieden et al., 1995). Recent years have, however, witnessed a shoot-up in reported cases of tuberculosis in the UK, with Newham East London being one of the areas with the most cases (Chapman, 2013). It is worrying that these incidences have continued to increase by the years, again, targeting Newham as the place with the highest increase recorded. For this reason, a few entities have come together to formulate policies towards fighting tuberculosis in the area. The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the organizations that has been most committed to minimizing the number of tuberculosis patients in Newham. The National Health Service is an organization founded with the sole purpose to overlook issues of treatment and prevention of disease in the United Kingdom. This paper examines the effects of tuberculosis in Newham and how the National Health Service fits into the fight against tuberculosis.
The borough of Newham has been in existence since 1965 and is located about 8 kilometers from United Kingdom’s London, towards the east. It has its bounds within the Wanstead Flats to the North, River Thames to the South, River Lea to the West and River Roding to the East (Data Management and Analysis Group, 2007).
Historically, Newham was mainly an agricultural area. This was up until the mid 19th century, when industrialization attracted many foreigners from numerous countries to the region. This created an atmosphere that was diverse in terms of ethnicity, encountering new entrants in search of jobs or refuge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my research paper. "Health in East London: The Effect of Tuberculosis in Newham" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of content was valuable.

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