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The qualities of right or wrong are assigned to the conducts and actions committed. About three categories of ethics are identified in the study of…
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Download file to see previous pages The problems solved revolve around the practical moral issues, specifically those related to professions such as law or medicine or accounting. There are at least six ethical theories as described by some scholars (Champion, 2007).
Plato describes the absolutism theory. This theory relates to the personal character of the individual. It helps answer the question regarding the kind of life one is entitled to live. It is based on the principle; conform to forms, that is, basis on ideals that make the reality. The source of value according to this theory is the form of goodness. The method applied here is reasoning the nature of analogies and unchanging ideals. An example of such an ethical principle is lying, which does not conform to the truth form. The principle is exceptionless in that the form of goodness advocated for is not known (Champion, 2007).
Aristotle describes eudaimonism which helps answer the question relating to the kind of person one should be. It also relates to the personal character. The principle is to maintain and develop activities in line and obedience to the rationale principle. The value source is the human nature which determines the well being of humans. The method for determining this is through examining and analysing the commonly used moral language and other moral ideas. St Thomas Aquinas describes ethics based on the natural law. It relates to personal character just like the two discussed above. The question asked relates to the kind of person one should be (Champion, 2007).
The principle here is to promote whatever is termed and defined as good and discard the evil commitments. The good behaviours are advocated for by the society, family, self preservation and knowledge. The value source for this ethical behaviour is human and universe nature as referenced by God. The human inclinations are examined and reasoning the nature of law. Cultural differences among the ordering society are a major control issue (Champion, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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