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The Powers Given to the Police Force and How They Are Applied - Term Paper Example

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This paper looks at the powers that are given to the police force and how they are applied. The paper also looks at the accountability mechanism of the police force in order to come with a conclusion whether the police should be given more power or should there be a higher level of accountability. …
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The Powers Given to the Police Force and How They Are Applied
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Extract of sample "The Powers Given to the Police Force and How They Are Applied"

Download file to see previous pages Policing is a noble activity that ensures that people live in harmony with one another. They make sure that people practice their right and at the same time give don't interfere with the rights of other people. Hence police cannot be taken as perfect but rather a major player in the sector of governance. Their role is just to ensure that people live in harmony with one another.
In order to carry this role effectively, police are giving some power over the people. They are given the power to arrest those who do not act according to the requirements of the law. But in doing so they are guided by some principles which ensure that they keep ethics in their work. It doesn't mean that because police are given power over a citizen, they have to arbitrarily come and arrest others. They have to be guided by some principles in their work. The code of ethics is important in the world of police as it provides a guideline within which they should carry out their duties. It acts as a regulatory mechanism and a system of accountability for the police. Like the citizens are guided by the law that police force enforce, the police force is guided in its operation by a code of ethics which ensures that there are protocols that they have to observe in their work. (Frameer 2007, p. 90)
It is rather absurd if the police force has to carry out their duties without observance of any code of ethics. They would exercise the powers that they are given in the world way. It is for this reason that the code of ethics for the police force becomes an indispensable tool that guides their operation.
Therefore we have said that the police are given powers over the citizens to ensure that they keep to the requirements of the law. But is this power enough Do the police use the power they are given in the right manner Should they be given more power or should there be an accountability system.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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