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Gothic Architecture - Book Report/Review Example

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Gothic architecture developed from Romanesque architecture and was followed by Renaissance architecture. Beginning in the 12th century, in France,…
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Gothic Architecture
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Extract of sample "Gothic Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages Gothic architecture is mainly renowned as the architecture of a majority of the great cathedrals, churches and abbeys of Europe (Burckhardt 2). The style of architecture is also the architecture that is prominent with a majority of palaces, castles, town halls, universities, guild halls and to a less private dwellings or prominent extent. From then, a lot of scholars, Burckhardt (1966) and Simson (1912), have come up with publications, which give people insight on this type of architecture. The two authors, Burckhardt (15) and Simson (4) focused on these structures with Titus Burckhardt putting his focus on the great Chartres Cathedral. Burckhardt (1966) and Simson (1912) books, Chartres and the Birth of the Cathedral and The Gothic Cathedral: Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order respectively, are a must read if a person wants to know about these Gothic structures. This paper will analyze the gothic aspects of these two writings basing on the instructions provided. The aspects include the elements of gothic architecture discussed in each book, the central thesis, as well as issues, and whether the books address their topics thoroughly among other factors.
Burckhardt’s book talks about how Chartres cathedral is the most stunning and momentous Christian artifact (Burckhardt 15). The book discusses how the cathedral has testified to numerous miracles and has lost not a bit of its power to inspire reverence, wonder and inspirational knowledge in individuals who experience it past a superficial acquaintance. Also, other scholars have remarked the spiritual implications of the Gothic styles, but Burckhardt usefully summarizes and expounds their interpretation. Simson (16), on the other hand, went deep into the Gothic architecture. The author also commands people’s respect of these structures by his rare capacity to comment enlighteningly and convincingly on the distinctions of spiritual content of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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