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Uncanny Architecture- Signifier of Victorian Architecture - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyses the traditional history of colonialism and cultural exchange in the victoria architecture. Victoria architecture represents a series of architectural revival styles and features that took place in the mid to the late ninetieth century…
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Uncanny Architecture- Signifier of Victorian Architecture
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Extract of sample "Uncanny Architecture- Signifier of Victorian Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages During the period, the Victorian styles were used for construction but it was until the Victorian reign that the element of the “Victorian architecture” became popular. These Victorian styles often entailed electric revivals and interpretations of the historical qualities and styles that were mixed with styles from the Asian and Middle East influences. Victorian architecture represents French and British custom naming architectural styles for the reigning monarch.
The amazing builders born at the time embraced new technologies and materials for creating houses that no one had ever seen before developing qualities that represent the “Victorian architecture.” Mass transit and production made the ornaments parts available and affordable for the architecture. The Victorian builders and architects used and applied decoration liberally to combine different features that were a key quality of art that were borrowed from many different eras with flourishes of their own imaginations to make the designs. When you keenly observe a house that was built and created during the era, you might observe deferent qualities and features such as Federalist style, Greek revival pediments or any other colonial revival feature. You can also observe the medieval ideas i.e. the exposed trusses and Gothic windows as well as spindles, scrollwork, brackets part of the architecture (Barringer, 152). Thus, there are many Victorian styles each with its own unique array of features and qualities that were significant at the time.
A common image of the Victorian architecture home looks like a dollhouse that has elaborate trim and bright colors. The era spawned several well-known features and styles i.e. Italianate, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Romanesque, Second Empire and Shingle style.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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