Classic Victorian Architectual Influences In Modern and Contemporary Designs - Research Paper Example

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Classic Victorian Architectural Influences in Modern and Contemporary Designs Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Classic Victorian Architectural Influences in Modern and Contemporary Designs The purpose of this paper is to do a research on the Classic Victorian Architectural influences in modern and contemporary buildings and design within California in the US…
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Classic Victorian Architectual Influences In Modern and Contemporary Designs
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"Classic Victorian Architectual Influences In Modern and Contemporary Designs"

Hopkins. In the mid-1800s, the Italian architecture had gained prominence in the United States and became popular especially in the major growth areas, the popularity extended across the country from Northeast to California (Hopkins, 2009). The stone homes or stucco were easily identifiable by the distinct Italian elements of design such as the campanile or belvedere, wide brackets supporting wide overhangs, low-pitched title roofs and heavy cornices. The proliferation of Italian architecture in California enabled the Victorian era to embark on the production of several outstanding architectural styles that also became very popular (Helaine, 2003). As a result, it strengthened the need for the Classic Victorian Architectural design and buildings in California. Some of the newly introduced designs included; asymmetrical shape homes, towers, turrets, wrap-around houses, steeply pitched roofs and the ornament colorful Queen Ann homes that were distinguished the wood task details. However, the Victorian design preceded these styles because they were composed of more elaborate styles. The Victorian design had several categorical forms such as the Gothic Revival, Richardson Romanesque, Second Empire styles and the Italianate (Hopkins, 2009). The start of modern Victoria design was strongly supported by the fact that modern architecture of 20th century could not agree with the past styles thus abandoning the historical styles for simplicity and severity. According to the international style, it dominated a design of high rate buildings which created austere rectilinear structures composed of modular facades, flat roofs and glass curtain walls ( Hopkins, 2009). The prominent architects that established Victoria style in California included; Mies van der Rohe Walter Gropious and LeCorbusiet. The influence of the modern architect on the office buildings was more than its influence on the residential designs. The current period of design is described by the contemporary architecture tends to cover broad spectrum of the stylistic approaches. Some of the design styles that are presently classified as contemporary are; the post-modern which is a rejection of international style, the brutalism which is made up of structures that have bare concrete, the deconstructivism that consists of a distorted shape, the classic contemporary which is a traditional form and finally, the high-tech industrial design (Hopkins, 2009). The book of “Arizona, the Grand Canyon State: A State Guide,” gives an illustration of how the Classic Victoria Architectural influences in modern and contemporary buildings and design in California was introduced. This book indicates that the Ladies Home Journal campaigned for homes that were more attractive. From this campaign, there was an effect upon the Far West that abated the tidal wave of Victoria style and the General alterations. After that, a bungalow with a veranda and low sweeping lines was introduced thus enabling the derivation of East Indian bungalow to become popular in California (Stine, 2005). The design of these types of residences was with more ample fenestration and they also had organic simple lines. They had overhanging eaves that acted as roofs for surrounding porch and the houses were comparatively not Read More
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